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Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Deep Thoughts....
Saturday, March 26, 2005
So is it raining or snowing today...
Well it’s a pretty dreary day outside, so I figured I would update the blog. I finally got a full time job working as a Security Officer at Per Mar Security. It’s a pretty decent job. Working days for another week, then I am switching to second shift, which shouldn’t be too bad. The drive is about 40 minutes right now, but I think when I switch to nights I will be somewhere closer to Iowa City, and it should only be a 20-25 minute drive. It’s a pretty easy job with decent pay and hopefully some overtime. Right now I am checking badges and only letting authorized people into the building. During the day we have to stay at the desk the whole time, (at nights you make rounds and stuff) so I don’t move around a lot right now. Only when the supervisor stops by around ten to give me a short break if I need to get a pop or something from downstairs. I start work at 7:00 so it’s pretty busy until about 8:30-9:00 while people come in for work, and lunch time gets pretty busy as well, other than that it isn’t too busy. I have been reading when it’s not busy, and just finished a book by Tami Hoag called “A Thin Dark Line.” I may review it later.

I recently watched an episode of Yes, Dear where Jimmy wrote a song of things he thinks about at work. It mostly just consisted of random thoughts that crossed his mind during the day, some of them meaning full, some of them not. So I am thinking of putting a “things I think about at work” section at the end of each entry.

I'm, going home for Easter after work today (by the time I post this I will already be home) and hopefully the roads won’t be too bad. I’m taking a new route home since I am not leaving from Iowa City. I feel really bad for leaving the bunnies at home alone, but I couldn’t bring them to work with me and let them sit in the freezing cold car all day, and I didn’t want to drive home to get them cuz it would an another half hour on to my drive, so then are at home…8-(

I saw quite a few movies this month so I guess I will review those…

For the first…oh I’d say fifteen minutes of this movie I was thinking holy crap this is gay…but after that it wasn’t too bad. The story line is a naval marine is sent to watch over a family. The father of the family created a device that some powerful people wanted, and after they killed him, there was fear that they would go after the family to find the device. It wasn’t as funny as I had hoped, but all around it was a good family flick with some really funny parts as well as some not so straight parts…I pry won’t buy it, but when it’s the Saturday night movie on ABC I will pry watch it. (C-)

Cursed was an alright movie, again not as good as I had hoped, but then again I am a big Wes Craven fan, so I was comparing it to all his other movies that I like. The movie is about werewolves. A brother and sister are in a car accident that drives another car off the rode, when they go down into a wooded area to help the woman she is attacked by ‘something.’ The brother and sister both get scratched. The brother is convinced that they were scratched by a werewolf while the sister disagrees. In the end they are trying to kill the ‘main werewolf’ to get rid of the curse. I found myself wondering what is going to happen next several times, and I was on the edge of my seat a few times, but overall not as scary as I had hoped. (C)

This was a good movie, and of course great for kids. About a son robot that wants to become an inventor. He heads off to the city to make his father (who is out of date and needs better parts) proud. When he gets to the city he tries to go and see the great robot inventor to show him his ideas. Turns out the company is being run by someone who is trying to make money by melting the out of date robots that cannot afford updates. He makes some friends and vows to get the head of the company out of his depression and back into the studio before the villain melts the out of date robots. Overall this movie will have you laughing through a good part of it, so go see it if you haven’t. (A-)

I was really excited to see this movie. While I think The Ring was probably more scary then the sequel, I would contribute this to the fact that you don’t really now the whole story when you watch the first one. In the second one, Rachel has moved to another town with her son in hopes of forgetting her experience. When a teenager dies of unknown causes, and rumors of his face being unusual, she begins to investigate. The story line revolves around finding out what happen to samara before her adoption (which leads to a visit with her birth mother); while samara decides she wants to live again using Rachel’s son. I really enjoyed this movie for the most part. Like I said it was not quite as scary as the first one in my opinion, but I still recommend it.

Well that’s all for now, I’m gonna start a new book. We have a book shelf here that other officers have brought books to read. This time I chose “Mitigating Circumstances” by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. I haven’t read anything of hers, but it looked alright.