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Name: bluex232
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Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Latest Update!!
Well I had another doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was pretty short and sweet. Got weighed, I gained weight this time, so that is good. On the first visit I was like 135 pounds then on the second one I had dropped down to 127. Which the nurse said was normal if I wasn’t feeling well, but that it should not happen on the next visit. So this time I was 133 pounds, so I gained back most of what I lost, so that is good I guess. Had to pee in a cup like every other time, and then waited for the doctor. This was the first appointment with the actual doctor, so it was nice to finally meet him.

I ended up waiting for him longer than the time I actually spent with him. He came in and chatted for a few, then checked by blood pressure and listened to the heartbeat. Heartbeat was 150 this and 147 last time, so pretty consistent so far. Then I went for blood work for my quad scan and I was done. I am really excited for the next visit; we go on October 22 for the ultrasound!! We are just hoping that the baby is in a position for us to be able to determine the sex; I can’t wait to find out! The doctor said that I should start feeling the baby move in the next few weeks, so that is exciting too.

I went and bought a couple pairs of maternity pants, which looking at my belly seems stupid since you can’t really see a difference yet. But man can I tell when I am wearing my regular jeans. They make me feel like I have to go to the bathroom all the time. So, since I had been living in sweats the last couple weeks it was nice to wear jeans again and not feel so much like a bum!

I had my first experience with the instant nausea yesterday. It was kinda ironic; I read in a couple of books that when a lot of women get sick during pregnancy they don’t have a lot of time to get to a toilet. With me though I had always felt it coming and been able to make it to the bathroom with plenty of time to spare. So I bought the movie Knocked Up and was watching that for the first time. There is a part in it where the woman is at work doing an interview and all the sudden has to throw up. I was thinking I wonder if people really have to throw up that fast, cuz that would really suck. So then my mom calls and I answer the phone and like two seconds later had to run to the bathroom to puke, I barely made it to the toilet!! When I was done puking I was thinking what the HELL was that about?? I have felt fine for the past 4 hours!! I concluded that I was having sympathy nausea for the woman in the movie, lol.

Well I guess that’s all I have for updates; I will be posting belly pics and ultrasound pics next month!! YAY!!!
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Well I guess it’s time I make an announcement on myspace since most of the families know now…Mike and I are expecting!! I am just starting my fourth month; my due date is March 10!! We are both pretty excited. It was something that we had been discussing for a while, and decided that we weren’t officially “trying” yet, but if it happened then it happened, and it did! Everyone was pretty much shocked; I don’t think there was anybody in either family that was expecting this anytime soon, lol. It is finally starting to hit us know that we are telling people.

We went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and got to hear the heartbeat, which was pretty cool. We are going to have an ultrasound near the end of October and will probably find out what we are having so we can get most of the stuff we need bought. We have been looking down the baby isles when we shop now, but haven’t really bought anything, we’re mostly just looking at the ‘themes’ but haven’t really chosen anything.

I think I am almost out of the morning sickness phase…or at least I hope I am!! 8-) I haven’t actually gotten sick very much, maybe 4-5 times, but I feel pretty crappy for at least a few hours almost everyday. Usually a couple hours after I get up or it starts in the evening. Has been lasting a lot longer when I get it at night, which sucks when I work late shift, but like I said I can’t complain too much because I have only thrown up 4-5 times.

I am just starting to realize that my pants feel tight, which means aside from work I have been living in sweats, lol. I saw some maternity pants a few weeks ago and I am not looking forward to buying them, lol. Hopefully I will find some cuter ones when the time comes. Gunnar was upset to hear this week that I wasn’t fat yet, lol. I think his words were: “So how FAT are you now??” and when I told him you could hardly tell he came back with “AUH, that’s not fair, you’re supposed to get FAT!!” (What else are little brothers good for besides getting upset that you aren’t fat yet, lol) I just laughed at him; he is such a little goof ball, he was happy to hear though that I still had six months to get fat and that I was going to send him pictures.

I have been looking through the baby names book slowly and have picked out a few that I like, but I am still only half way through the girls’ names. We decided that we are going to keep our middle names for the baby, since mine is Rae and so is my moms, and Mike’s is Scott and so is his dad’s, we figured we would keep up with the tradition (or maybe we are making it a tradition…whichever).

Well I guess that’s all I have to say about it for now, I will be posting some belly pictures when I get to the point were its noticeable. Thanks for reading the news!!