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Name: bluex232
Location: Wisconsin, United States

Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Deep Thoughts....
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Just a quick update...
Went to the doctor yesterday again, everything still looks good. We are 1 cm, I guess last time we were just barely a cm but we are a full cm now. We are 50% effaced and the babys head is at a 1. Dr said he could feel the head! So progress is being made, which is good. Heartbeat sounds good still. We had our first negative pregnancy experience, my strep B test came back positive. 8-( I guess for the most part I just have to have antibiotics while I am in labor every 4 hours. Seems like it is something that we shouldn't be too concerned about. The effects on the baby can be fatal if it goes untreated, but it seems like only about 1 in 4000 babys become infected if you get the antibiotics during labor. Kinda scary to think about, but we are staying positive and glad that we found out now so that we can take all precautions necessary. Here is a link with more information about Strep B...Click Here

Aside from that everything is about the same, baby is growing a lot it seems like, even though it doesn't look like it from the pictures, lol. He likes to push his butt out at the same spot all the time. Kinda hurts now, the best way to describe it is, it feels like when you have a bruise and you push on it. He just keeps rubbing the same spot and it feels like there is a bruise about the size of a quarter, lol. I really can't tell if he has officially dropped yet, sometimes it seems like he has because he is sitting on my bladder (or doing a headstand rather), and then other times is feels like he is climbing up my ribs, lol. Then there are times where he must be stretching because he is pushing on my bladder and my ribs, lol. It's all worth it though, 8-)

Well I guess that is all for now...JUST 20 MORE DAYS AND COUNTING!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Moving Right Along!!
Well we had another Dr's appointment today, we will be going weekly now until our baby boy comes. Everything is going smoothly still, no problems, and no major complaints. Haven't been too uncomfortable, thankfully the uncomfort has just been the little butt that is in my ribs. No back pain or anything like that, so YAY!! Dr says his head is down, so that is good cuz I couldn't imagine him trying to turn all the way around at this point, lol. We are dialated to 1 CM!! Mike is soo excited about that, he was telling people as we were walking out of the Dr's office, and he told some guy at McDonalds, lol.

Neither one of us can wait for the baby to get here, it is so close now. Surprisingly neither of us is really nervous, I think that is a sign that we are both ready for this wonderful change in our lives. We finished our childbirth classes, got to take a tour of the birthing center which is really really nice. And the hosital really pushes for the baby to stay with the parents the whole time they are there, and have some double beds available so that dads can stay the whole time too. If the baby has to stay longer for some reason they almost always have extra rooms that they let parents stay in (like a hotel where they dont feed you and wait on you like they do during their stay.) They have the whirlpools and showers with like 8 shower heads to help you through labor if you want to use them. The beds are really nice and fold and colapse every which way so that you can find your own comfortable position. I don't know how much of that stuff I will use when the time comes, but it is nice that there are so many options.

I think the nursery is pretty much finished, rather than all the stuff just cramped into the room. We move the play yard into our room, we got all the clothes and stuff washed,folded, and put away. The car seat is all ready to go, been bringing the swing and bouncer out into the living room to get the cats used to it so that they won't be jumping all over it when the baby is here. Surprisingly they both just sniffed them for a while and left them alone, neither one has tried to climb in them, which is great.

Aside from baby stuff not too much is going on here, we have had soo much snow lately, I can't wait for winter to be over!! We got 12 inches last week, then for the next 3 days it was freezing, had a -40 windchill at one point! Then today are getting another 4-6 inches. Wouldn't be so bad if there would have been a chance for some of the 12 inches to melt. The snow piles are huge, it is hard to see around some corners when driving, lol. And looking at the shoveled sidewalks is funny because they look like there walls on each side of them the snow is piled up so high, lol.

Well I guess that is all for now, I will pry update again next week after the Dr's appointment. Thanks for reading!!