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Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Deep Thoughts....
Thursday, August 26, 2004
Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that im not a fool...
Man I haven’t posted in a while, not because I’ve been busy, but mostly because I have been lazy…it always happens when school starts. So I went home last weekend, surprised everyone since they thought I was working all weekend. I got in about 1130 or so, Gunnar was asleep on the love seat, in the living room. Since the futon in the basement finally broke, I slept on the couch in the living room. I woke up at about 800 with Gunnar standing next to the couch about 6 inches away from my face. The second my eyes opened enough to see, he jumped on me and gave me a hug. He was pretty happy to see me, like he always is. So we went and jumped on the trampoline about ten minutes after I woke up, then had McDonalds for breakfast. My godson’s birthday party was that afternoon so I got to go to that, he is such a cutie!

Not too much else went on, just spending time with the family. Got an ice cream cake for dad’s birthday, jumped on the trampoline a lot more, had some Navarette’s, and went to see the Village again. I got some school stuff from staples, and a few other little things I needed. We left Sioux City about 830 Sunday, which got us back to Iowa City about 2:00 in the morning. Yea that was real fun let me tell yea, especially having to work at 8:00 and then go to classes from 10:55-1:20, then again from 6:30-900. Yea it was a pain in the ass to stay awake in my night class.

So I have been to all of my classes, they seem alright. I am not sure if im looking forward to the capstone course, i have a feeling that the class is just gonna be boring, and full of stuff I don’t want to do. We are setting up our portfolios, so I have to revise a paper that I wrote last year, and I have to come up with a mission statement paper, and listen to a bunch of speakers telling me what I can do with a sociology major. Which will pry be boring people talking about how they love sociological theories, and all that crap about Weber, Durkheim, Marx, and blah, blah, blah. Seriously every class I take talks about these people over and over!! I mean I understand they have a lot of theories, that were the basis of stuff today, but I mean I feel like I could have just learned all this stuff in one class, and now I am ready to move on to some others. Not that I will ever need to use any of this stuff anyways.

Web Search Engines. Wow, what an easy class, its no wonder why it has a waiting list. Seriously, we do searches on the web. That’s all. Assignment 1 was to use three different searches on three different engines, and compare the results, to see if they are the same or different, and which gave the best. Luckily it is actually a graded class! Not like most of the 1 hour classes that are pass/fail. So it should be an easy A! YAY! You can never have enough of those!

Political sociology is going to be a boring class that I care nothing about, but the professor seems like an ok guy, he reminds me of Mr. Miyagi! You know an older really smart Asian guy that seem serious, but always comes out with that quiet smart-ass sense of humor. Social inequality should be an alright class as well, other than the fact that it’s a night class that is. It shouldn’t bee too bad though, he said he never lectures the whole time, there will always be a movie, or a group activity to take up some of the time, so that should keep me awake and somewhat attentive.

I got a beta fish last night, it is blue of course. I haven’t figured out what to name it yet, so I will update that later. It seems to be happy swimming around in circles in a bowl that is three times the size the one the pet store had it in. it is still a little scared when I walk over to look at it, but it is already starting to get used to me. I bought some of these big plastic rock looking things to go in the bottom cuz I didn’t want a five pound bag of regular rocks, but I cant decide if I like them, they are not very heavy, so if the fish swims to close to the bottom, they move around a little. I don’t know, I might get rid of them.

Work has been alright, boring at times, and busy as hell others. Um, I got most of my books so far, I need two more, and after those I should have spent about $140 bucks on them this year. By far the cheapest year yet, and there was only one book that I already had, but it was just a $16 book, so I still would have ended up with a pretty good total for books. This is nice, cuz that’s another $200-300 that I wouldn’t have had to come up with.

Well I guess that’s it for now, I know I know, too much excitement for one day huh?

Ease up on the steroids, the juice will make the jewels shrivel like sun dried tomatoes...
Thursday, August 19, 2004
it's what my taste-buds like....
Ho hum, I am bored at work today, I am on walk-in this morning, and it has been pretty dead. I finally did the dishes last night, almost every dish I had was dirty, because I had been putting it off. The last couple of days I have been washing just a few dishes so that I could just turn around and use them to eat a meal. Yea it sucked, but doing the dishes is one of the worst things to me. It always has been. Even when I was little, and I would help my mom clean, she would always ask if I wanted to do the dishes or clean the bathroom, and I always chose the bathroom. I didn’t mind cleaning the stinky toilet or a grimy bathtub, as long as I didn’t have to do the dishes. Maybe that was my life calling, maybe I should forget about this college thing and become a janitor, lol. Or maybe I could graduate and become a professional janitor. I’m sure whoever cleans J-Lo’s toilet makes a hell of a lot more money than I do….so yeah.

I had polish sausages for dinner last night, I would have liked to have had them on a bun, but I didn’t feel like running to the store, so I just ate them with a fork, which is what I do 90% of the time anyways. I managed to not set the smoke alarm off which was a good thing. The last few times I have cooked I have set it off cuz I forget to turn on the vent/fan above the stove. I wish I wasn’t such a picky eater, cuz I really get sick of having the same 5-6 meals all the time.

This is what my meals consists of:
~Polish sausage
~Chicken Sticks/Strips/Patties (which I deep fry and they all taste the same they are just different forms)
~Chicken Pot Pies

Those are the meals I have when I feel like cooking. If I don’t feel like cooking then it is Ramon Noodles, cereal or a sandwich. Every once in a while I will get a piece of steak or some pork chops, but that is maybe once a month at the most. I have looked for various recipes and stuff, but when you don’t like most of the common foods, it is hard to find some good food. I mean I don’t like onions, mayonnaise, mushrooms, peppers, shrimp, BBQ sauce/seasoning, bananas, cake, Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese/Korean/etc. food, shrimp, sour cream, cream cheese, bagels, nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews, etc), beans (I make my chili without them unless someone else will be eating it as well), anything other than steak cooked on the grill, fish (unless it’s a stick or from McDonalds), hamburger (unless it’s from McDonalds, don’t ask me why), bananas, cake (unless its an ice-cream cake) and that’s just the things I can think of right now. Then I have my weird food (dis)likings, for example: I like oranges but not orange juice, apples but not apple juice, peanut butter Capt. Crunch but not peanut butter or peanuts, raspberry yogurt but not raspberries, strawberries but not strawberry juice, sliced black olives but now whole ones, carrot cake but not carrots or cake for that matter! I dunno, it’s just kinda weird.

On another note I am definitely gonna be Bryan’s record of 49 seconds in the great, HawkID Password Reset Challenge 2004....Bring it on!

You better bring it....Oh, it's already been brought-en.
Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Heed the warning bell for they are coming….
You have 5 un-played messages….those are the words I heard at least 4 if not 5 times yesterday, believe me, it’s not the best thing in the world to hear. I did however answer more voicemails yesterday than I have the whole time I have worked here. Great accomplishment or pain in the ass? I’ll let you decide. So I came in at 8 this morning and checked the voicemail and what did I hear on the other end of the phone? None other than…. you have 5 un-played messages. It’s going to be a great day, lol. It always seems that the largest amount of voicemails seem to come while you are only on the phone for like 2 minutes, but when you get a 10-15 minute phone call then there is maybe one voicemail, I just don’t get it. Why does everyone have to call at once? Its like they all get together and see who can be caller number 9 as if there is a great prize awaiting them….but hey what can you do?

So I went to see The Village last night. Let me just say that I thought it was awesome, and recommend it to you all. It’s an M. Night Shyamalan film; his other big flicks are the Sixth Sense and Signs. I really enjoy his movies, they are not the average scary movie, but more so they make you jump in your seat, and scare you not in that horror movie killer type way, but they actually give you the creeps, and have you looking over your shoulder while you’re sitting home alone. The Village stars Joaquin Phoenix (who played Merrill in Signs) as a quiet villager (Lucius). Bryce Dallas Howard in her debut role as Lucius’ love interest (Ivy) who is blind. Adrien Brody who does a great job as a villager (Noah) that has some sort of mental disorder. It also stars Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt and Brendan Gleeson in supporting roles.

So the plot is basically this group of people lives in a very small village that is surrounded by woods. It’s an old village, which doesn’t have electricity or anything. No one in the village is allowed into the woods because “those we do not speak of” live there. They have an understanding that the villagers do not cross their boarder, and those in the woods will not cross the villages boarder. The color red is also not allowed because it attracts those in the woods. Things change when a group of children find a dead animal that has had its neck broken and its fur removed. It is one of those movies, where just when you think you figured out what will happen next, you’re taken by complete surprise, and the story moves in a different direction. So overall, I think it was a great movie, and everyone should go see it. So go……right now…….what are you waiting for?

Ivy, try your very best not to scream... This color attracts Those We Don't Speak Of. We must bury it.

Friday, August 13, 2004
Remember: You can't have sex and can't drink booze and live...the killer can only be killed by a virgin...
Yay! Its Friday….this week seemed soooo long! So another Friday the 13th is here! I wish I had cable so that I could watch the Friday 13th marathon that I'm sure is on some channel. When I was little I would go to my grandma's house every Friday the 13th and watch it with her, so I still like to watch them now. Since it was such an occasion in regards to my post title, I decided to remind everyone the three basic rules to surviving a horror movie, just incase anyone should need them this weekend. I am ready for the weekend, cant wait to sleep in; I am really tired this week.

I have had some real winners on the phone today. I had to tell someone 6 times that they could not use their z-account (which I assumed is like a pay pal account) to purchase a pc from us. Apparently they felt that they could change my response by telling me that their ‘dad said if they used their z-account it would be tax free’ and that ‘it is not for them but for their student organization.’ (Yea cuz my dad likes to give me advice on why I should use my own account to make purchases for my student organization as well) Then she asked for the phone number to the helpdesk, and said she would look at the pc’s some more. Not 10 minutes later she called back, (I assume hoping to get someone else, but getting me yet again) asking the same question….dumbass.

I have really not been in a cooking mood lately, so I had one of those instant chicken flavored rice packages for dinner last night. I also got to watch Studio 7 last night. That’s another show I am really getting into. Its kind of like Jeopardy meets Survivor meets the Weakest Link. *Side note: I forgot to put my sweatshirt back in my backpack after washing it, and I just realized I am freezing.* There are seven people that each have a ring. They each have to answer questions one at a time. (The questions are about things that have happened in the last few years, each round the events get more current. They are political questions, music questions, book questions, etc. pretty much everything.) If they do not know the answer they can give away their ring and ask someone else for help. Once two people miss a question then everyone else votes one of them off. It does this until it gets down to three people, then the next round, is usually a memorization test. (The show lasts like 3 days or whatever, so they get the topic for this and study for it) The last one I watched was a super bowl thing. They had to say in this order: A) the number of the super bowl B) the year of the super bowl C) the winning team (full name) and their score D) the losing team (full name) and their score. They had to start at the first super bowl, and go as far as they could with out making a mistake, the two that go the farthest move on. Then the last round they have to answer seven questions as fast as they can, they can pass if they don’t know the answer. Who ever answers 7 questions correctly the fastest wins. The one I watched was pretty good; it was so close they had to go to a ‘photo finish’ and the guy one by like 1/4th of a second.

I also I went to Mike’s last night to do laundry since my apartments don’t have laundry. Got most of it done….I washed my USB memory key. I don’t know how it got in there, I checked all my pockets before I put them in the washer, but when I took the clothes out of the washer, and there it was. Sitting at the bottom all alone….I just stood there and stared at it sitting in the bottom of the empty washing machine like a young child stares at their hamster that just died because they squeezed it too tight. (or would that be squooze it too tight? Nope, it’s squeezed….according to word anyways, and I’m pretty sure I agree lol.) I wasn’t sure, but I really didn’t think running it through the washing machine was good for it…I had never spoken to anyone that had washed one before, so I didn’t know if they still worked after that…but it musta been my lucky day cuz I ran back to the room and plugged it in and it worked! Which is great!

While doing the laundry, Mike and I watched Monsters Inc. the little girl in that show is sooo cute, running around saying ‘kitty’ all the time. I should really buy that movie. We also watched the Full Monty….that show is great; I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. I also got to read my Cosmopolitan style special edition, which is great since I make sure to only wear the latest styles….okay, I don’t, but I still like to read about them, lol. Hmm, that’s bout all that happened yesterday….

….He's fat, you're thin, and you're both fucking ugly…. Anti-wrinkle cream there may be, but anti-fat-bastard cream there is not….
Thursday, August 12, 2004
I feel like an idiot. But I am an idiot, so it kinda works out....
Well I finally got the pics of my apartment on my website. Check them out! Turns out my website has been working the whole time, and I am just a dumbass….had I just right clicked and chose ‘login as’ I could have used it. I guess I got so used to it just asking me to log in, I assumed it was broke….yes I know I now feel like useless piece of shit. Okay, not really, but it sounded good at the time. But hey, nobody is perfect….yet. So I realized that the pics are really crappy quality, I pry should have used Photoshop on them a little to make them more presentable, but I really didn’t feel like it, maybe had there only been 3 or 4 pictures, but there are more, so oh well. I am also going to post the picture of out bums home, but for some reason I don’t have that one scanned yet. Yes I said the bums’ house, there is a bum that resides in the bushes by the parking lot…on the bright side, he is a wealthy bum. He has short hair, and shaves…he also has nice tennis shoes, and a CD player with head phones. I guess he is one of the luckier ones. Apparently the more wealthy ones live in bushes, and the less wealthy ones live in parking ramps downtown. It seems a little mean, but sometimes I just want to through a scrap of food off the balcony to see if he will come out of the bushes, lol. Don’t worry though; I am restraining myself from doing that.

I should also say thanx to Rich from work for taking over the piece of shit win95 laptop I was working on today so that I could go to lunch on time. It seemed like it was really going to be a pain in the ass, so hopefully it wasn’t too bad, thanx Rich!! Speaking of work, if anyone needs any desktop file organizers, just ask Jason and Robert, because they are hoarding the free ones that were on the table outside work today, hehe. It was quite funny to watch both of them go back for a second helping of them. Not too much else going on at work, Chris tried to explain to me the point to D&D. Yea I still don’t think I get it….

So I really can’t stand the girls that call in to the helpdesk acting and sounding like they are completely helpless. I mean I understand that not everyone understands computers, and I can deal with that. But the girls that act like the world is going to come crashing down if they break a nail. They call in needing a password reset, and you ask them for information and they squeak out these answers that sound like they are coming from an eight year old. You just want to ask them if they are old enough to write down the password, or if I should tell it to their parents instead just in case. Maybe I am still just being bitter about the ex-roommates still having their heads up their rents asses still….I wonder how they breathe up there. I don’t know I guess I’m just in a mood about it lately.

Hmm, not too much going on right now, I talked to Jim last night for quite a while, I hadn’t heard from him in a while so it was nice to hear from him. I also watched a little more of the Osbourne's first season last night, I really need to get the second season of that. Especially now that I can’t watch them on TV anymore, as you can tell from the apartment pictures, I don’t have cable, I use bunny ears instead. And that just rocks my socks….yea….no it doesn’t, but it is free, so I don’t complain too much.

I had Taco John’s for lunch today. I normally go home for lunch, but I decided that I didn’t feel like cooking anything so I went out. I haven’t had Taco John’s in quite awhile, so it was nice to have something different. Hmm, I guess that’s all for now, maybe I will write some more later….

I have decided to link to the movies that i quote from now on, I guess that is just an FYI....

I need this like I need another tail.
Wednesday, August 11, 2004
I met this lawyer, we went out to dinner, I had the lobster bisque, we went back to my place, yada yada yada, I never heard from him again....
Holy shit is work boring today. The morning went really fast since I helped one person for almost two hours, and my lunch was at 1130. Luckily he was a nice guy that seemed to know a thing or two. He was trying to get all of his email accounts set up to go to outlook, since he was trying to juggle 3-4 of them at a time. Unfortunately I was only able to help him with the Iowa one, as I could not find the exchange server names for his army email accounts. But hey what can you do? I also have had several calls about the Qwest DSL not allowing you to use outlook with any email accounts other than the one Qwest gives. I did now know however that there were two different packages you could buy, one that came with an email address, and one that did not. So basically any one who gets the cheaper package cannot use outlook. What a fuckin rip off, I have had my DSL services for two years now. It started out as msn broadband, but the recently just switched me over to Qwest DSL. I am not sure why. My outlook has worked fine in the past, and I am going to have to try it tonight when I get home to see if it still works (I have not used that email address in quite a while), if not that sucks ass, and they will be getting a call from me, not that it will do anything or anything.

Hmm, what else? My air conditioner is still not fixed, and I keep forgetting to call them back to see when they are going to fix it, since it had been almost 2 weeks. I was going to call them this morning, since mike didn’t work till noon he could have gone over there if someone has to be there, but of course I go busy with phone calls and walk-in, and didn’t get a chance to call them. They are also going to have to look at my toilet, again. I had to call the emergency maintenance this weekend because it would not flush, they came and jammed this big pole thing in there and cranked it in some more after that, and then it worked. Now it only flushes if it feels like it, sometimes I have to flush 2-4 times before it cooperates. I feel like I am living in a King of the Hill episode. If only there were a way to get all the heritage people locked in my apartment after eating a shit load of beans and have them suffer the ungodly effects of a broken air conditioner and toilet, maybe then the repairs would be done.

So I don’t quite understand the people that come into the helpdesk here to check their emails, I mean is it that hard to walk an extra 20 feet and log into a computer? Even if they are going to be ‘just a few minutes.’ I mean I personally would rather take a load off while I checked my email, rather than stand at the counter. But whatever.

Hmm, not much else to write about, I am still extremely BORED!!!! Two more hours left then I get to go home, I feel like I have been here for 15 hours already. I missed the second half of trading spouses, last night. Apparently it is on at 7:00 the second day rather than 8:00 like the first night. What a crock of crap! I am going to have to start taping it. Oh well, I can deal with it I suppose. I can’t wait for all the fall programs to start, Yay for ER and NYPD Blue!!

So this post really has no point and I have chosen to bounce from one useless topic to the next. Speaking of geckos, Wiener finally ate her dead, frozen, baby, almost hairless, mouse. She seemed to enjoy it, and just kinda sat there not moving for about 10 minutes afterwards, I am assuming because she felt so full not ever having eaten anything so big. My website is still not working, which sucks major ass….I told my mom that I wanted for my birthday. So hopefully in the next month or so I will have that and it will be nice.

Alright, I have rambled enough for today. Oh yea, I made a haiku for chris' website a few days ago if you would like to read it check out theChris and click on Help Desk Haikus. I figured I would give anyone who wants something else to read an idea. Yea I know you could care less, lol.

…..You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?
0 comments another weekend come and gone....
Well the last few days have been pretty uneventful. No big surprise there. I finally got everything unpacked, my feet were killing me. I bet I would at least five miles around my little apartment putting everything away and cleaning. I felt like my mother, she is a big cleaner….my mom cleaned my room for me my whole life, even in high school. This in turned caused me to be a slob however, because I used to just throw everything around, and mom would clean it up. I mean I would help her, but she would do most of the work. Anywayz, enough about that, I took pictures of the apartment (I have them with me if anyone really wants to see them), so people could see them, I will post them on my website as soon as I figure out why I cant get to the ftp site to edit it. I guess I should say as soon as my dad finds out, since he is going to contact his ISP to find out what is up. The apartment looks pretty good though I think, it’s nice to not have everything be cramped and actually be able to find a place to put everything. I wouldn’t mind having some shelves on the wall that I could put my black light stuff on. Right now it is just sitting in a box because I don’t have room to put it anywhere.

I also talked to Jennifer a ton this weekend, (her last name is Lake, and I started calling her Jenefler Cheverlake after a while, so I if I start referring to her as that you will now know what I am talking about). Jennifer is my best friend from high school. We did everything together, and I hadn’t talked to her in a few weeks. She recently moved to Arizona to be with this guy Todd. Wait let me back up a little farther. About a year and a half ago, the two of them got an apartment together in Sioux City. For some reason Todd’s mom stopped liking Jennifer, and after a few months, Todd one day out of the blue with no warning had his family there to help him move out. Jennifer had no idea he was even thinking of moving out. He really didn’t have a reason either. So they have been talking to each other on and off since then. I guess they have really been getting along lately, and so in May she decided that she was going to move to Arizona to be with him (he had been there about 4 months). So she moved down there and was living with Todd and his friend Quintin (a high school friend and my 8th grade boyfriend). A couple of months ago Quintin was in a motor cycle accident and died, so it is just Jennifer and Todd now. So anyways, at the funeral (back in Sioux City), a girl named Leah started talking to Todd, now Todd says he had been friends with her for a long time, even though when some one asked him what her name was he said Sara. Ok, so normally there would not be an issue if this was any other girl, but she was one of those girls with the skanky rep. So Jennifer had been asking Todd if he was talking to her when they got back to Arizona, he said no. Well come to find out, he had been talking to her the whole time and lying about it, when had he just told Jennifer he was talking to her there would not have been such an issue, but no that would be to easy. So then he started hiding his cell phone so that Jennifer could look through the recent call lists, not that she ever did that anyways, but whatever. So this caused lots of fighting and stuff, then it turns out one of Todd’s friends was coming for a visit from Sioux City, and at the last minute who decided to come with him? Well Leah of course. So yea, they are broken up now (Jennifer and Todd) and Jennifer has found a place to live.

So long story not so short, the point of this was that her apartment is a two bedroom, so I am thinking about possibly going there to do the police academy thing in January or February. I was also looking and found out that ASU has a Criminal Justice graduate program, so I might go there for two years, I figured if nothing else I could do the police academy thing, become an officer and do that for two years while I go to grad school, then get into the crime scene stuff, I am not completely sure yet though. Dad is jealous of course, cuz he has been wanting to move to Arizona for a couple of years now, but mom doesn’t want to with me being in Iowa still, cuz she will never get to see me (*tear). But she informed me that if I was to move there she would not have a problem moving there. No previously she had told my dad that if he found a job there where she wouldn’t have to work, then she would be willing to move there, I wonder if this stigma still applies, or not. If I were her I would stick to it, she has a job now, but if I had the opportunity to not work and live someplace warm, I would take it pry.

Hmm what else….I watched misery last night. I also watched another episode of trading spouses. I really enjoy that show. I hate the fact that it is in two parts, two days in a row. I could handle it if it was every Monday, but it is Monday and Tuesday. I always tend to forget bout it on Tuesdays, and then I miss the best part. I made a note on my fry erase board so I will remember tonight, 8- )

I also watched Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday. It wasn’t too bad, talked bout lots of stuff I didn’t know happened. I really should pay more attention to what goes on in the world, but I really think it is all boring, I mean I know I should vote, and have an opinion on who is the next president, but I really have no interest. I mean I try to pay attention and watch the news and read the paper, but I just get bored with it, I dunno why. Someday I will pry get into it but for now, honestly I really don’t care.

….At the feed store do I say, "Oh, now Wally, give me a bag of that F-in' pig feed, and a pound of that bitchly cow corn"? At the bank do I say, "Oh, Mrs. Malenger, here is one big bastard of a check, now give me some of your Christ-ing money!"
Friday, August 06, 2004
FINALLY, FINALLY, Finally, somebody gets it.....
just wanted to post again today cuz i just got the best call....

ME: IT Helpdesk
HIM: Hi, I have a problem....
ME: Okay, whats going on?
Him: Well, I have an Apple Powerbook.....oh, I just figured it out! Thanx a lot!!

....apparently the customer knew he had a problem, but couldnt figure it out...I guess just stating out loud that he had a MAC made him realize what his problem was, hehehehehe.
2 comments Death becomes you.....

So I went to the pet store last night and decided that I would try a couple of pinkies to see if the geckos would eat them. They come frozen in a zip lock bag, and are actually a little cute; they are really small and have little tiny whiskers. So I let them thaw out a little, and then the hunt was on. I fed one to Mike’s gecko first (dont ask me why I have Mike's gecko at my house, cuz I don't know either). I dropped him in the cage. The gecko looked over at the pinkie and slowly started moving in, with its tail raised slowing moving back and forth (they do this to distract the prey so they can sneak up on it better). So it got next to it, and it kinda licked it a couple of times, then looked at me like ‘is it ok to eat this sucker’ then looked back at the mouse and snapped. The poor little helpless frozen baby mouse was down in about two chomps. It was awesome. Weiner on the other hand would not eat the mouse. So I am going to try to get him to eat him later today, he will have to get hungry eventually. Mmmwwwwwhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!

I also finally got some more Manhunt in. Man it is awesome, I mean of course I love blood and guts, so that pry has something to do with why I like it. So the object of the game is still not quite clear to me. I mean you have an earpiece through which some unknown guy talks to you and directs you as to where to go; meanwhile he is making a movie of you killing all these people. I am assuming right now that the object is to make this guy a good killing movie, and eventually the guy will get you to a point where you can escape to somewhere else where you aren’t being hunted. The best way to go about the game is to sneak up behind people and execute them making as little of noise as possible. Each weapon kills them in a different manner, and depending on how long you can stand behind them with out them noticing the more violent the death is. For example, the baseball bat, if you stand behind someone for just a second, you just kinda hit the guy on the head. If you stand behind him for about 10 seconds, you will first choke the guy with the bat, till he falls to his knees, and then whack him in the head so hard the head just explodes and brains go flying everywhere. It’s awesome, lol. The knife is pretty cool too, the less violent attack is stabbing them in the stomach, and the violent attack is stabbing them in the back of the head, then whipping them around and stabbing them three times in the face. With the larger knife you actually cut off the guys head, and then you can pick the head up and throw it at other guys, lol. It’s pretty funny. The game is actually somewhat difficult, the guys actually fight you back if you can't execute them, and it doesn’t take just two hits to kill them, you actually have to hit the guys 10 to 12 times to kill them, and they hit you back as well.

So the unpacking is really moving along now, I decided last night to really start unpacking the stuff that I didn’t want to unpack. Got all the books taken care of, and organized the pantry/bathroom closet area so that I could fit some more stuff in there. I decided that it would now be the pantry/bathroom closet/desk drawer. Since I don’t have a desk anymore I needed someplace to put my paper, and other crap that was the desk at the old apartment. I got the bathroom pictures hung up, my Eminem poster and calendar hung up, more ceiling stars (cuz you can never have enough, hehe), cleared out all but three small boxes, and got the new stools that I bought set up. Hopefully I should be able to finish up tonight.

I am still getting used to this no cable thing, having cable last year really makes not having cable this year worse, but I am dealing with it. I do get to watch Roseanne once a day still, surprisingly it is on one of the channels I get, and I get 7th Heaven once a week (yes I know it’s a gay show, but I just can’t get enough of it!). Those were the shows that I watched most, so at least I still get a little bit of them. With cable I could watch up to three episodes of each a day depending on what times I was at home. I am also getting into the show Quintuplets. I think it is new this year, but it’s pretty good. Its about teenage quintuplets, and their parents who are trying to get their life back after spending the last 15 years just raising the kids, and the neighbor who (and I’m not quite sure what the situation is) but there are like two hot wives and one guy, who are always in the hot tub naked. It’s a pretty funny show. I hate how much That 70’s Show is on. I really can’t stand that show, and it is on all the time. I have tried to get into it, but I just can’t do it. Oh well I guess. I suppose that’s all for now.

Are you here for the Feeding? It's not 'till tomorrow. You should come back - it'll be a bloodbath……
Wednesday, August 04, 2004! they deserve a slow & painful death!
Oh…my…GOD!!!! The noise! I can’t take the noise anymore. They are doing construction on the sidewalks out side of work, and omg the noise in our office is horrific!! They might as well be jack hammering right in our office! Walk in especially sucks because you have to yell at the damn customers for them to hear you! Now I admit it is nice to yell at some customers, but doing it all day long just ruins the fun of it, and of course today is the one day that I am actually on walk in ALL DAY LONG!! At least with the phone calls you can turn the volume up in the ear piece and talk really close to the phone to hear and be heard. I can’t wait for my lunch break which is at 11:30 I think. Wait let me pause to enjoy this moment of silence. The noise has stopped momentarily, and it is GGGGREAA……damn it its back, not that I expected it to really be over, but you know that you always have that small little piece of hope deep down inside. You try not to get your hopes up but you cant help it, you try not to think good thoughts because you don’t want to jinx it, but you always do…..(the noise has stopped once again for now). I really can’t wait for today to be over. Well at least the work part of it, oh wait now it is just teasing us with short little bursts of noise….noise……noise…..noise….and now its back full blown. >8=3 ( (notice the angry eyebrows and flared nostrils…and no Chris there are no BOOBIES!!). I can tell that we are not the only office having this issue for when the noise down here stops for a moment I can hear more noise in the distance….ohh Yay a phone call….hold on…………………………………………………………………………
……………………………………………………………………………ok well that was fun, email question, on a lighter note, the noise had stopped for its longest period yet! HURRAY!!! YIPPEEEEE!! YEE HAA!! UH HUH… UH HUH… UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH!! Ok enough of that. Speaking of phone calls, I got one today from a guy who said….”I was just looking up my hawk-id information, and it said I was in the Iowa domain and I needed to call this number.” So I asked him if he needed the hawk-id and he said “no, it I have it but it said that students in the Iowa domain had to call this number. I figured it was a required thing.” So overall the guy needed nothing from me and I told him that if he had a problem with something then he would have to call this number…. It was quite interesting and he was quite embarrassed, lol.

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day as most of my days tend to be. Worked and went home hoping to find my air conditioner working, which it was not. God trying to sleep in a 90 degree apartment sucks major ass!! But I am dealing with it; thankfully I have an ice pack to cuddle with. My dinners are consisting of all cold foods so that I don’t have to heat the apartment even more with the oven or stove. (Update, still no noise!! My hopes of it being over with are really getting high now even though I know it will start again. One of the workers must have had to relieve them selves or something). I finally played my Manhunt game last night; I got it at the Mall of America, but hadn’t played it yet. It is a pretty good game so far. Grant-it I have only played the first level, but you are an inmate that was sentenced to death. The world thinks you died at the scheduled time; however you lived, and wake up on the metal table you supposedly died on. You have to go around the city, sneaking up on people and killing them, I have so far come across plastic bags to suffocate people with and glass shards to stab people with. It is somewhat violent, and from what I remember, the creators were asked to tone it down before it was released. I would like to see the even more violent version. The guy at the store where we bought it told my parents that it was “rated M, and a pretty violent and extreme game” when my little brother put in on the counter. He reluctantly sold it to use when my mother told him that that game was for me not Gunnar. Apparently he wasn’t sure if I could handle it either….mmm hmm.

I still have 5 or six boxes that need unpacking; I am really putting it off. I am using the excuse that I don’t have a hammer and nails yet, (and the noise starts yet again…kill me now PLEASE!!) even though very little of the stuff I have left to put away needs either. Oh well though, I like to unpack the wall/ceiling stuff (like those glow in the dark planets and stars) and electronic stuff first, and then all the other crap (like books, school stuff, desk stuff, shoes, yada yada….) last. I guess that’s just the way I do things, either that or I am just being lazy, you can decide for yourself if you want to. I for one think it works out nicely however others have told me that I am doing it wrong….

My cold is going away some, I am averaging only a half a box of Kleenex (or half a roll of toilet paper today) a day rather than a full one. My sore throat is pretty much gone as well. The throat spray stuff that my mom got for me was about nasty. It was supposed to taste like cherry; I thought it tasted like sucking on a band-aid. I mean I don’t eat cherries often at all (and no I don’t mean it that way for all of you dirty minded people out there) but last time I checked they don’t taste like band-aids. It was also quite a task to not numb your tongue in the process of using the spray, you had to open your mouth, stick the spray nozzle as close to the back of your throat as possible. I still sprayed my tongue 98 % of the time.

Well yea I suppose that’s enough for now.

so today i wont quote a movie, but Seinfeld rather.....

Ah, could you do me a favor? Will you shut up?!?
Monday, August 02, 2004
L'Etoile du Nord
So this post will pry be my longest yet since I have a lot to say about the past 6 days that I have not had access to my blog. I will just section it out in days….

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday I woke up at about 5:30. I made a couple of CD’s for the car ride, and headed out at about 7:00. The drive wasn’t too bad, it went by pretty fast, and I listened to the Kiss greatest hits CD. I remembered how much I really like their songs. There were several songs that I used to love when I was younger but had since forgotten about them. On another music note, I can’t get enough Hoobastank. I have always liked ‘the Reason’ but I am in love with that song now. Ok back to the drive, I was extra excited to see the 70mph sign on 35 once I hit Minnesota. It made it even better that my parents were stuck on some small little road going 55. hehe. I went the wrong way just before I reached my destination. My directions said to stay straight onto 169 N. I stayed straight, but was in the right lane when I should have been in the left lane or something and ended up on 169 S. I ended up just meeting the rents @ Valleyfair and went to the hotel from there.

Then we hit the Mall of America. It was a pretty good time, my Uncle Beaver and his daughters (Sam and Sarah), and their friend (Nola) met us there. I got some jeans and a couple of shirts. I was quite bummed to realize that the Playboy store was not there. So now I am just going to have to order whatever I want for my apartment through the catalog or website. Boooo!! After the mall we went back to the hotel and ate. Gunnar and the girls swam, the water was really foggy looking, and I decided I was not clean enough for me to swim in. I should really get over this dirty water issue I have, some day I may be in a situation where I will have to get in dirty water and I won’t be able to. Oh well though.

THURSDAY: we got up and got ready to head to Valleyfair, we got there at about 930. The park opened at 10. The crowd wasn’t too bad, the lines were usually about 10 minutes long or so which isn’t bad at all. Gunnar did his usual ‘I don’t want to go on that its too scary’ thing that he always does the first day. We just make him go anyways. He has been on all the rides anyways, he just gets nervous. We started the water rides about 1 or 2. We rode the Wave first which is the one where the big boat splashes down under the bridge and people on the bridge get soaked. Ok this is a ride where you usually get wet, but this time we got completely soaked, seriously, there was not a dry spot on any of us. The look on my uncle’s face was classic, my family expected to get pretty wet cuz you normally do, I guess they had never been on it, so had no idea, it was great. it was even better since we got even wetter than normal, hehe.

We also went on the new rollercoaster, Steel Venom. It was pretty awesome; I had never been on a coaster like this. The Boomerang in Worlds of Fun is the closest thing to it that I have been on (but id wasn’t a hanging rollercoaster). I really enjoyed it, all except for the huge ugly bruises that I got on my arms from it, when you went backwards the second time, it stopped for about a second at the top of the track, which forced you to slam into the chest harness in front of you, it killed my arms, but it was fun anyways. We also rode the go karts before we left. This is where the drama started happening.

As we were leaving Gunnar decided he wanted to go on the Chaos ride one more time since we were walking past it, so I went on it with him, while the girls went out to the car to wait. As we (the rents, my uncle, Gunnar, and I) approached the car, Sarah came running over saying that this guy was beating up his girlfriend and we needed to take her home. as we rushed over there was a girl sitting in my uncle’s car that was bleeding from her head somewhere, amongst the commotion, we found out that my cousin Sam who is 15, had gone and sat down next to this girl on the ground to comfort her and the guy had picked her up and thrown her to the ground and told her to stay away from his girlfriend. Well hearing this my uncle got pissed cuz someone had touched his daughter, so he was yelling back and fourth, my mom told me to get the license plate of the car they were in, so the guy started yelling at her. Asking if she wanted to a piece of him, to which she replied ‘BRING IT ON CLETUS!’ (I had to add that part cuz my mom gets a big kick out of it, hehe….for those of you who don’t know why watch the Nutty Professor). So my dad called the cops. I found it quite amusing that they guy was yelling ‘CALL THE COPS I DON’T CARE, CALL THE COPS, DO IT, ILL KICK YOUR ASS’ (I’m sure there were several swear words in there too, but I decided to just stick with the story rather than fill it with F’this and F’that), however the second the cops showed up, they were in the car and sped out of the parking lot. The cops got them, but I guess he wasn’t in the car (which was registered to someone else), I think that when the cops pulled up everyone looked at the cops and the guy jumped in another car with his sister, while his friend sped off in his car to get the cops to follow him. So the girl of course (who was 16 and had been dating this almost 18 yr old for 10 months) was not cooperating with the police and told them that his name was Anthony and she didn’t know his last name cuz it was Asian, and she didn’t want to call her parents because they would kill her and blame her for the whole incident. Meanwhile the guys brother stood around (while he “checked his oil”) listening to what she was telling the police. When they approached him he told the police that he didn’t see anything and that his name was Anthony as well as his brothers name being Anthony….yea is was just one big cluster fuck of people not telling the police anything. Come to find out the reason that all of this happen was because the girl wanted to go on a water ride, the guy told her that if she did she wasn’t getting in his car, so she decided to just watch the ride and he got pissed….yea that’s really something to beat your girlfriend for huh? So yea that drama lasted for about an hour, and then we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

FRIDAY: Friday we went to valley fair again, we rode the rides again, and my uncle and the girls left earlier then we did. Before we left, dad decided that Gunnar and I should get those character pictures drawn of us (I will have them posted ASAP). So we got one and then the rents decided to get one of them too, they are pretty funny. My mom laughed for like two hours afterwards….ok let me explain, my mother is the happiest person on the face of the earth….seriously she is always smiling and laughing, it’s like the joker (which she was for Halloween one year, hehe). I think she smiles in her sleep. When she was getting the picture drawn, the guy told her that she could stop smiling cuz he was done drawing that part and my dad said ‘no, she cant’ and she was like ‘he’s right I cant, I cant help it!’ it is crazy how happy go luck she is, Gunnar is like that a lot of the time too. My dad and I on the other hand are not, we are grumps, and are in bad moods a lot, but you get used to it. After Valleyfair we just went to bed.

SATURDAY: Saturday was the drive back, it wasn’t too eventful, took us a while to figure out which way we needed to leave, and the traffic was moving slow for a while. We stopped at Cabela’s on the way….I got a shirt, and then we went to eat and drove the rest of the way to Iowa City. We packed up some more of my stuff, had some pizza and went to bed. Gunnar called me gay, it was hilarous, i did something and he was like 'dawna you're really happy' and i was like 'what does that mean?' and he goes....'well theres two ways of saying gay.' ....yea nice, huh? hehe. Not really an eventful day.

SUNDAY: Moving day! Yay!! We managed to move all of my crap in about 3-4 loads, it was nice that I called early and they said I could get the key before noon, so we had all my stuff moved before other people started moving in, it was nice not to have to fight traffic. We also went to Wal-Mart and got some stuff that I needed for the new place. Dad put my futon together while mom and I unpacked some of my crap, got most of the clothes put away and the kitchen stuff is done. The rents left about 7:00 which sucks for them cuz they didn’t get home till bout midnight. Mike when to Hy-Vee with me to get some food, then it was bed time.

So I apologize for the long post, but hey I had a lot of time to cover. So I guess I’ll stop for now….

Come on Cletus! It aint nuthin' but a short walk. You might walk over, but you limpin' back! I aint no easy win!