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Name: bluex232
Location: Wisconsin, United States

Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Monday, March 31, 2008
Quick Update
Well Ryne is just over 3 weeks old now. He is already growing so fast!! My mom stayed with us for the first two weeks so it was nice to have help around. Ryne has had his first two Doctors appointments and goes in for his shots this week. Everything is great with him. He has some baby achne, but that is clearing up now. He was 6 pounds 4 ounces when we left the hospital and was 7 pounds 1/2 ounce at his 2 week appointment. His belly button fell off so we are able to give him baths now. He just loves them, and showers too.

We have been doing tummy time a few times a day to get his neck muscles built up, he hates it and rolled over when he was just 17 days old (from belly to back)!! Now he is a rolling over fool. He will tolerate being on his stomach for a minute or two, then gets mad and rolls over. He is starting to make noises and you can tell he just wants to "talk" back when you talk to him. I think he will be "cooing" like crazy here shortly.

We took him to Sioux City for Easter, so we were there for a week and then drove home yesterday. It was really nice that so many people got to see him. We tried to get pictures with everyone, and got some good ones with almost everyone. Ryne did really well with everyone, it didn't bother him to be passed around from person to person all week.

Ryne has been eathing really well and has no problems switching between nursing and the bottle. He will pretty much take anything as long as it is food, just like his Daddy, lol. Mikes birthday was on Saturday, we didn't do much, we got Ryne's pictures taken in the morning, hung out at my rents in the after noon and went to mikes rents house for dinner. Well I guess thats all, I have to update, I have posted some videos of Ryne and a lot of pics on the picture site so check them out and stop back for more updates soon!! Thanks for reading!!
Friday, March 14, 2008
Welcome to the World Ryne!!
Well Ryne is finally here, we are soo excited and happy. He is just perfect. Born on the 7th he weighed 6 piunds 10 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches long. I started having sporatic contractions around midnight, and started timing them at around 330. They were two minutes apart. We left for the hospital at about 530. We were 2.5 cm dialated, after about an hour and a half they decided they were going to keep me as we had progressed to 3.5 cm. We walked around the hospital for about an hour at a time, then would rest for about an hour. I asked for the epidural at about noon, contractions were pretty bad and I was exhausted having only slept for about 20 minutes the night before. We were dialated to 5.5 at that time, Of course the anesthesiologist got called in for an emergency C-section so I didnt get the epidural until about 115. I was really nervous about having one, but everything went fine.

After the epidural I was able to relax and get a little sleep here and there, my contractions slowed down to about 7 minutes apart so they started meds to move it along around 200. We had dialated to 6 by then, the nurse came in at about 3 to check me and we were 10 cm!! She said I could either start pushing or labor down for another hour. Since usually first time moms push for 2-3 hours she said that laboring down for an hour would help speed that along a she came back at 4 and the pushing began. I should also mention that just before I started pushing the nurse made the comment, oh look he has the hiccups!! Mike and I just laughed and told her that he was the hiccup king and we have been joking the whole time that he would be born with the hiccups, lol.

Just 23 short minutes later Ryne Scott Musselman was here!! Yep just 23 minutes or about 8 contractions (three pushes with each contraction). Mike got to cut the cord and there were tears all around. He got checked out and was great, starting crying on his own right away and was breathing great!! He took to feeding right away and hasn't really had any problems with that. He did not show any symptoms related to my Strep B so that was great!!

He came home on Sunday and everything has been going really well. He was up about every hour/hour and a half for the first couple of nights, but has started getting into a routine where he will eat between 1030-1130 then sleep until about 430-530 then sleep again until 830-1000. So that has not been too bad. He is pretty well mannered, he doesnt cry much at all (yet, lol). He is awake more each day so that is nice, he loves to be talked to and hummed to (which I am sure is pretty common, lol).

He is a great pooper, lol. I watch the shows on TV where the parents are waiting for their babies to have their first poop, Ryne has about 10 a day, so his pipes are working well, lol. I have posted a bunch of pics on our pictures site, so check those out and stop back for more, I will pry be posting new ones every few days and may not send out an email everytime. And thank you to everyone for the gifts, congrats, and best wishes!! We are so blessed to have so many people that love and care for us!!
Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Just 6 more days!!
Well we have just 6 more days to go, I hope. We are both really excited and can't wait for him to be here!! Went to the doctor today, I am not quite 2 CM yet, 75%effaced, and the baby's head is -1. I think he has definitly dropped, can't tell by looking at me really I don't think, but I feel like he is always doing a headstand on my bladder and go to the bathroom like every hour at least and sometimes more. The doctor was having trouble finding my pubic bone to measure my uterus because his head is nestled down in there now. Doctor said that he usually lets people go a week past their due dates, so if I make my appointment on the 11th we will set up a time to induce me during the next week(I am guessing on the 18th). I am really hoping to not make my appointment on the 11th through. I am soo ready for him to be here. I can't wait to see him.

Mike and I finally took some more pictures together, I really wanted to have some pictures of the two of us while I was pregnant, so I have posted a couple here, I think they turned out pretty good. Well I guess that is about it, not much new to tell, thanks for reading, and hopefully my next post will have pics of our baby boy!!