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Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Deep Thoughts....
Friday, May 13, 2005
One final update...well for a while at least...
Well I don’t have pictures of the new car yet, but I figured I would post and let the few of you who read this know that my internet (regular phone) at home is going to be shut off on Friday the 13th. So I will most likely not be posting on a regular basis, and I will not be checking my email everyday. I dunno how I’m gonna get along for the next few months without internet, but I am getting rid of it so that I have about 70 bucks more a month if I need it for bills or otherwise to save for moving in August. Hopefully I will have enough saved by then to move and put deposit down somewhere.

Man am I bored. Tonight is going so slow, its only 8:30 and I feel like I have been here for 12 hours already, and it’s only been five and a half. Three more hours to go, well two and a half I guess, BOOO. So yea to help pass time I am typing this to email to myself to post later tonight when I get home. I really wish we had internet access at work, I mean it really sucks not to, but I guess I have just gotten used to it since I have had it at most of the jobs I’ve had where I am sitting at a computer the whole time. While I’m not just sitting at the computer at this job, there is a computer here and it would be nice to have something to pass the time a little faster. Ah well, no use complaining here. On a happy note, next week I am working at the building by Kirkwood, so my drive will only be 20 minutes everyday, YAY for saving gas!!!

So I was driving home the other day and I was on a street just off Gilbert, and this deer was slowly walking across the street, so I stopped to wait. As I came closer to it, it started to turn around and go back the other way, as it did a car in the opposite lane approached, so the deer started to freak out, not knowing where to go, so it ran back into the middle of the street, then changed its mind and decided it wanted to go back towards the trees. So it tried to turn around on the cement, and BOOM, its feet went flying out from under it and it slammed onto the ground…well then the deer was scared shitless, so it tried to scramble up as fast as it could, and as it was getting up its feet slipped again and it went head and neck first into the ground again…finally it made it across the street and into the woods…it was so funny, seriously the deer looked like Bambi when Bambi was trying to walk on the ice, it was great…

I can’t wait to get home and watch the shows I taped; Dr. Phil was an update on the Dr. Phil family, so I taped that. Then there are the normal Thursday night shows, Joey, Apprentice, and ER. Hopefully channel 7 is clear enough this week to see on the tape. It’s really weird that I will leave and the channel is clear, come home and the channel is clear, but the tape is all messed up…it is really annoying. Well, I guess that’s all I can think of to ramble on about…I guess I wasted a half an hour or so, back to work I go!!
Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Pimpin my ride...
Man oh man have I been busy lately. That accounts for the lack of posts lately…but I have quite a few updates to report. Hmm, the good news or the bad news first…lets see…well I think I will go with the good news first…well I guess its not really news, just things I’ve been up to really…anyways. Work is going alright, still working mostly 2nd shifts, and I only have one building left to train at. I went home last weekend (the 29th) and got to spend Gunnar’s birthday with him. We had a good time, played some games, and spent some time out doors. Went over to my grandma’s and had a game night on Sunday, had a lot of fun. Overall I had a pretty good time back home; it was nice to see everyone.

It is now official, my rabbits now have an gender identity crisis, Hugh, is definitely a girl, known by the fact that she got nipples, and Lafawnduh is a boy since he now has balls...yea that may have been a little too much info, but oh well. Lafawnduh has become a lot tamer, he actually runs around the house now and doesn’t just hide under the bed, and a couple of days ago I was sitting on the floor and he hoped up on my lap looking for food. So that’s nice, he didn’t really ever get out much because it took me 20 minutes to catch him when it was time to go back in the cage, now that its not like that I can let him out more.

As for the bad news…yeah…I hit a deer on the way to Sioux City. It happened about an hour and 40 minutes out of Iowa City. My poor car…8-( The deer on the other hand, made it across the road and them some, cuz I didn’t see it other than its head hitting my windshield…It must have been running with the interstate, against traffic. What happened was, a big ass Ford F-150 was coming on to the interstate right after the on ramp there was a semi that was pulled over, so the F-150 got right over into the left lane where I was. He was going slower than I was and so I started to slow down then the deer came out of nowhere right between us from the left. So I think that it was in the middle grass area and the truck was just blocking my view of it, by the time I saw it there was no way I could have stopped in time to miss it. So I tried to just slow down as fast as possible, and turned towards the left to keep off of the road. I hit the deer while I was pry half in the left lane and half in the shoulder. It was no fun, but surprisingly it wasn’t anything like I expected. I guess I thought the car would jerk a lot more but it didn’t really, I didn’t hit the air bag or anything and the only noise was the loud ‘poof’ of the airbags going off.

So yea…I had to have Mike come and pick me up, they towed the car to the nearest city which was Newton. The mechanics there said that it was still drivable, that it didn’t look like it was leaking anything, and that it didn’t look like it punctured the radiator or anything. They didn’t look under the hood cuz they didn’t want to end up not being able to shut it again, but they drove it down the road a ways and it did alright, so I drove it to Sioux City. Mike followed me half way to Sioux City, and my parents met us and followed me the other half just in case the car broke down or something. Took it to Prestige (the Auto Body place) in Sioux City, and they had it all weekend, told me on Tuesday the 3rd that they were totaling the car. The damage wasn’t too bad for a deer I guess, the hood was smashed, the windshield smashed, both airbags deployed, my grill and bumper were all dented and broke, my headlight was all out of place, and my fog light (the one I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to replace the weekend before) didn’t work anymore…oh yea the irony…

So yea, I got about $1200 after they paid off what I owed. So hopefully I will get my new car today!! I am looking at another Grand Am, a 2004 and it’s a really neat silverfish gray color, it’s hard to explain, it’s not the normal Grand Am silver or gray, but I really like it; and I am really ready for it. I have been driving a rent-a-truck all week and it sucks. When I went to get a rental, all they had was a Dodge Dakota king cab, a Ford F-150, and a minivan…so I took the Dodge cuz it was the smallest. Anyways, back to the new car, hopefully my payments will be a bit under $225; otherwise I won’t be getting it. We figured the payments would be like $187 with out an extended warranty and me putting $1200 down (now I’m going to put $1300 down), but I want the warranty, so hopefully that will only be around $1000 for the 3 year. So yea, I am going back at 6:00 tonight and hopefully will be driving a new car home!! Once mom sends me the pictures of my wrecked car, I will post them on my website. I will also post pics of the new car if I get it…more updates to come…8-)

UPDATE: Well I got the car, so I should have pics up soon!! Here is a pic of what the car looks like...