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Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Deep Thoughts....
Monday, July 26, 2004
if size doesn't matter, why is bigger better....
Man, Monday already....the weekend went pretty fast. Friday after work we went bowling and played some black light mini golf. Gunnar and I both got the ball in the prize hole so we both got to choose a prize. We chose these bendable sticks that have lights in them, not to exciting for me, but Gunnar enjoyed them. Mike won one game, I won a game, and Mike and I tied the last game. It was a pretty good time. I sucked ass at bowling though. I used to bowl on a league in middle school, but man I could tell it had been a while, hehe. But it was a good time anyways, after that we came home and had dinner then watched the Butterfly Effect.

The movie was really good I thought. About a kid who had blackouts as a child, gets to college and finds a way to bring back the memories, then he tried to change the past to make the present better. It’s not really a scary movie, but pretty suspenseful and full of unexpected events. I was not sure how it would be watching Ashton Kutcher in a non-comedy movie, but he didn’t do too bad, there were a couple of parts where he was angry that brought back the thought of Dude, Where’s my Car, but overall you didn’t really notice that it was an actor that is mostly known for being funny.

Saturday we went to Perkins for breakfast then went to Wal-Mart to take the TV back and get the pictures developed. I will post the pictures on my website soon. After that we came home and played some Gauntlet. I really like that game. It was one of my favorites for regular Nintendo, and it’s pretty good now. Blue Wizard kicks ass!! That’s about all we did Saturday. Sunday we slept until about 20 minutes before my parents got into town. We all went to Happy Joe’s for pizza (where I dropped pizza on my lap and had a run-in with a pole), and then stopped at the pet store so my dad could look at dogs, then that’s about it. They left shortly after. Gunnar was upset that he had to leave, I told him he would see me in three days, but he said he would miss having so much fun with me (*tear).

On a happier note, my 32 inch monitor kicks so much more ass than my old one!! It’s great! Mike and I slowly drug it into the bedroom last night to hook it up and check it out. With a few adjustments it was working great! I can’t wait to have everything set up in the new place! I thought about setting it up to run the TV off of it too, but then realized that I really enjoy being on the computer and watching TV so I decided against it, besides my TV is a 27 inch, so it’s not too much smaller. I can learn to live with it, hehe.

Then I started packing for the move. Yes, I know I should have started at least a week ago since I am leaving town Wednesday and won't be back until moving day, but I like to procrastinate, so what can you do? I got four small boxes filled, and packed my breakable stuff. I still need to do the kitchen stuff and the bathroom stuff. Most of the living room stuff is stuff that doesn’t need packing. Mike is going to pack up the electronic stuff while I am out of town so that he can still use them while I am out of town, so that’s stuff that I don’t have to worry about. So I pry got about half of my packing done that I will do before I leave so that’s not too bad. I really can’t wait to move. I decided that I am going to go with the Playboy bunny theme for the new place with a few Eminem posters thrown in. I think they have a Playboy store at the Mall of America, so that should help me out some. And since I will have a little bar area I am thinking about getting the bunny bar stools. After packing Mike and I played a little Gauntlet and went to bed. I suppose I have rambled enough for now....

I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid. You're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone, and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world....without you. A world without rules and controls. Without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there, is a choice I leave to you....

Friday, July 23, 2004
and another thing....
In a recent discovery I have decided that I think I have HAVS or Hand arm vibration syndrome. I believe it has come from playing video games this week. Fortunately it is only in one hand, but unfortunately it is in the right hand, which is my dominant hand. So if it were to just fall off one day I would be screwed. I couldn’t type my blog anymore, and I definitely couldn’t play any more video games, because the right hand has to do all the important things like jump and shot and kick and punch and aim and dive and….good god my world is crashing down. One of the treatments are keep warm!! I forgot my sweatshirt today!! I am freezing! Omg my hand is going to fall off and there is nothing I can do to help because I am at work without my sweatshirt! I also have to avoid temperature changes!! It is going to be hot outside, how can I go home? I’m freezing and it’s hot out side and I can’t have temperature changes!! Great now I am going to have to turn the rumble feature off on the controllers, what fun is that? None. I guess I will go home and cry about it all night long.

On a lighter note, Dad suggested I mention the movie the Surviors for those of you who do not know about or want to know more about 'Honky Mo Fo', or for those of you who want a good older movie to watch. Here is some info on it. It's a pretty funny movie as I recall.

So I'll quote that movie I suppose....You shot my gun god damn it!! You're not suposed to shoot a person's gun. Aw god that pisses me off!!"
1 comments I'm not a girl, DUH!!
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click here (it may take a minute to with it. And if you want to want to post a comment you'll have to come back to this page to do that too) I added the shizzle link to the links on the left, so if you want to read future post in shizzle form you can do so....yes I know where do I find the time to make all these wonderful things possible....

I worked Wednesday morning, and then Mike dropped Gunnar off at work and we walked around downtown and saw some of the Herky’s.  Then we walked home and had some lunch.  We started playing Mario Party 5 at about 5:30.  We ended up playing it until 4:30 am stopping only for dinner, bathroom, and thirst quenching breaks.  Holy hell was that a lot of video game playing.  My eyes were killing me all day Thursday!  Some time during this game playing we were talking about something and Gunnar blurted out mo’foe!!  I just kinda sat there for a second and the conversation went like this….

ME: mo’foe!?! Where did that come from? Do you know what that stands for?
GUNNAR: no, what?
ME: it means mother fucker.
GUNNAR: (covered his mouth) well I didn’t know, I thought it was a last name.
ME: hehe, whose last name? Honky’s?
GUNNAR: who is Honky?

So I had to explain to him what honky meant, and told him that he shouldn’t say that either, hehe.  It was pretty funny.  Then later we were playing and something happen and I said that it was ‘gay.’  To which Gunnar replied, that’s gross!! And this is how that conversation went….

ME: why is it gross? Some people are that way.  What if you were gay would you be gross?
GUNNAR: but I'm not and I’m not gonna be cuz I don’t like boys that’s gross.
ME: well what if you can’t help it, some people say they are born that way.
GUNNAR: well what if you were a lesbian, then huh?
ME: I'm not a lesbian, you are a lesbian.
GUNNAR: hey, I'm not no lesbian, im not a girl, duh!

Hehe, it is so funny to hear him talk about stuff like this, I never thought I would have a conversation about mo’foe’s and lesbians on the same day with my little brother….well at least not at his age, hehe.  I thought about bringing the topic up the next day when he and Mike were joking around about slapping each other and Gunnar said ‘I will slap you the hardest, I slap like a girl!’…..hehe, I just called him Sheila instead, lol.

Today is Friday already, the week seemed to go by pretty fast.  Gunnar and I went to Olive Garden yesterday and got the soup, salad, and breadstick lunch.  It was pretty good.  Surprisingly they had soup that I actually liked.  This is unusual because I am the pickiest eater ever.  Then we went around and got some pictures of some of the Herky’s around town.  Gunnar chose about 10 that he wanted pictures with, and of course they were scattered around town, so it took a couple of hours to get to all of them, but he had a good time with it.  Then we went and rented a couple of movies, and had pizza for dinner.  We rented ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ and ‘Butterfly Effect’.  We started watching the ‘League’ last night, but I fell asleep before it was over….I guess the being up until 5:30 the night before caught up with me.

I literally woke up at 7:52 today; I had to work at 8.  I got to work just a few minutes late, but man it sucked.  I hate not having time to get ready.  It also caused me to forget my sweatshirt too, so now I am at work freezing my ass off!  But oh well, at least I am only here half a day.  Well I guess that’s all the new news I have for now.  Maybe I’ll add more later.

Skinner, I want you dressed at all times, eh? Or it's my boot up your arse.
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
you are the dreamstar....
Man am I tired. Just got back from wacky waters. Gunnar and I were there for about five hours today, which isn’t too long, but man after half and hour in that wave pool and I am pooped. Never realized how much energy doggy paddling for so long took up. So we had to come and go from the wave pool my legs were killin me, hehe. Gunnar was in a life jacket (which he didn’t want to wear cuz it “made him look like a baby”) so he didn’t get tired, but I sure did. I mean there were life jackets that I could have worn, but come on....I didn’t want to look like a baby either, so I sucked it up and doggy paddled. You could rent big inner tubes to take in the wave pool, but they were five bucks a pop! I thought that was a little steep, so we didn’t get one. We did find one floating around bout an hour before we left, so we used that for a little bit. Gunnar was too light, and every time a big wave hit him he just flipped over, which was too funny. It was a pretty good time. The water slides were alright, the one that was just a straight slide with a big drop strait down almost was the best one....but it killed your chest at the bottom. The ‘swirly’ ones were a little on the slow side, but they were fun. Surprisingly the mini golf and the bumper boats were free, so we did both of those too.

We ended up goin to the res yesterday afternoon, it was a nice day to go, it wasn’t scorching hot and it wasn’t too cold either. I didn’t get in the water because I hate dirty water. I don’t swim in lakes or rivers or any other nasty pieces of water there are that are filled with mud and fish guts and shit like that. I guess having a pool I got spoiled and this is the result. However I’m sure that the water at the water park was just as dirty or pry even dirtier than the lake water, but at least it looks clean, hehe. Well I guess that’s all for now, I better get back to entertaining Gunnar cuz If I don’t he will be asking what we are going to do next.

Since I haven’t been able to decide on my own closing line yet I decided that the movie quotes thing has been working so I am sticking to that from now on.

....Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window! What's the fuckin charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking?!

Monday, July 19, 2004
covenant drop ship approaching.....
So Gunnar has been here for two days now.  We haven’t done much besides play video games.  Saturday we went to the mall while the rents were still here.  I was looking at video cards for my pc to hook it up to the TV at Best Buy.  My dad called my uncle who has a computer store to see if he recommended a certain one.  Turns out my uncle has a 32 inch destination monitor that he will give me for $100!!  The whole point of me wanting to hook up to the TV was so that I could use my wireless keyboard and mouse further from the pc sometimes, but with my little as 15 inch monitor, I had to sit at the desk still because I couldn’t see anything from farther away.  I’m thinking with the 32 inch monitor I should have no problem now, hehe.  Now all I need is a computer that’s not a piece of shit to go with it.  
Gunnar got the Spiderman 2 game for x-box.  I have to say it is a pretty good game, much better than the first one.  In the first one you moved around buildings and went into them and just kicked everyone’s ass.  In this one there is a Grand Theft Auto edge to it.  You have hero points that you have to earn for each mission so you have to move around the city looking for people to help.  You have to stop the bad guys, rush people to the hospital, and several other things.  For each thing to do you get some hero points.  Along with the hero points there is also an actual task you have to do for the mission, get photographs, fight various villains, get through “obstacle courses”, and other things.  Overall I have to say it is a pretty good game, which is good coming from someone who doesn’t really care for Spiderman.  I mean I saw the first movie, it wasn’t too bad, but I pry wont see the second one, until I have the opportunity to see it for free.  So after playing Spiderman for bout 2 hours, I watched Gunnar and Brian play Lord of the Rings: Return of the King for x-box.  They played that for about an hour and a half.  Then Gunnar and Mike played Halo for bout 2 hours.  Then since it was bout 2 am I decided it was time for bed, so we made some popcorn and fell asleep watching Bruce Almighty.
Woke up Sunday at about 9:30, which is great for Gunnar who is usually up at about 6 am everyday.  Gunnar and I started playing halo about 10:30; we started at the beginning of the game, and played till bout 1:00.  Then we ran to Wal-Mart to get some pull-ups and some food items we needed.  Came home and made some grilled cheese sandwiches, and then started playing Halo again.  We played from 2:00 till bout 11:30 straight through.  Man my eyes were killing me, I made a mental not to myself to blink more next time.  We fell asleep watching Dude, Where’s my Car.  Man that’s a great movie, hehe.
I’m at work now, till 1:00, which kicks ass….it will be nice not working all day.  We are thinking about going to the res later today, if I can talk Gunnar out of leaving the house that is….then I’m sure we will be finishing Halo today too, we got to the last level last night so I’m sure that will be the first thing we do when I get home, lol.  Yea it’s a great time!
and theeennnn…….no and then …..and theeennnn…….NO AND THEN.....and thennnnnn…..listen lady I refuse to play your Chinese food mind games, I’m going to come in there and put my foot up you ass if you say AND THEN ONE MORE TIME!!!


Friday, July 16, 2004
we are in the old kingdom now....
I watched the last episode of Kingdom Hospital last night.  It was pretty good.  It was a pretty good show over all I think; of course I am a Stephen King fan so that may explain part of me liking it.  I mean nothing screams hit mini series like a little dead girl with a giant anteater for a friend, a med student that cuts off dead patients’ heads, a priest that gets crucified on a chain link fence, and a crazy doctor.  It was not really a scary show, more of a comedy/suspense show.  I wouldn’t mind reading the book after watching the show, because the books always seem to be better.  The Rosanne mini marathon was on as well, I have become addicted to that show lately.  It was nice that they were playing the episodes from the final season as they don’t play those ones very often.  I irritated me though that they didn’t play the last episode!! I mean they played the 8 episodes before that and then the marathon was over with only the last episode of the show left.  Yea talk about a let down, I mean the last episodes are always the best ones.  But hey what can you do?  Call and complain to the nick at nite people?  I doubt they care what one person in Iowa cares about. 
So my summer loan check finally arrived at the school.  I went and signed that today before work, so hopefully that should arrive in the next week or so.  I asked for $2000, surprisingly the school approved me for $1800.  My school bill is like $800 or so that will be about $1000 that I could really use right now.  I found out that my FAFSA getting tagged for citizenship was just a random thing, which sucks ass cuz not only have they had my FAFSA information since April and didn’t send me a notice saying it was flagged, but of course now my birth certificate is nowhere to be found.  Getting one from Des Moines could take up to 6 weeks!!  What is the point of even filling it out this year?  I am so going to get screwed this year in financial aid.  Man I hope the loan company will hit me up big time this fall, especially with the high rent I will be paying.
So my parents informed me that they want to come down tonight rather than tomorrow, which mean I will have to clean the bedroom like a mad man after work, but I guess that’s okay, if they weren’t coming down I would pry wait until Mike gets off tonight so that he could help me….which would mean I would be up until 3:00 in the morning cleaning and doing laundry.  Now I will be up until 3:00 in the morning playing video games instead, which is much better than cleaning.  I can’t wait to see Gunnar, it hasn’t been too long since I have seen him, but he was really upset the last time I left, so that makes seeing him again even nicer.  I feel really bad when he cries because I am leaving, but I will get to see him quite a bit for the rest of the month so that will be good.  So I probably will not be entering too much in the next two weeks because every waking moment will be spent eating and playing video games.  It will be a good time.
I also forgot to mention the other day that Mike got rear ended.  Okay, this is somewhat good thing.  Let me tell you why.  Mike has not had insurance for about a year and a half.  I have been telling him for a year and a half that he needs to get insurance.  Of course he does not listen to me, he never listens to me, that is why his car has been towed as well, but that is a story for another time.  So after the guy rear ended him they pulled off the side of the rode, and were exchanging information, and of course a cop pulled up.  Mike totally lucked out and the cop told him he would give him a day to get insurance….so he got insurance the next day.  But had he listened to me in the first place, none of this would have been an issue.  I will not be surprised though if he does not get his truck fixed. 
Thursday, July 15, 2004
iowa city here i stay....
Well I should be in Valleyfair right now, riding rides and having fun, but I am here at work instead. God damn Burger Barf. But on a good note mom went to work today, she was off for a full week with this food poisoning. So it’s good that she is getting better finally. I guess she said she lost at least ten pounds because she has only been able to eat two potatoes and a piece of toast in the past week. I mean damn that must have sucked, I hate being sick, and she had it really bad….so get better soon ma!

So there hasn’t been much going on with me lately, I have been pretty bored at work. I guess I am tired of looking at the same damn things everyday on the internet. I was listening to a lot of Phil Hendrie for a while….he is pretty funny most of the time. I have also been making helpdesk Southpark characters. It makes the time pass quicker let me tell ya. I found a website with a create a character that I was messing around with, I was working up front with Fadi, and decided to make one of him, then Chris and Warren wanted one, then Robby wanted one, I needed one more to make an even number so I made one of Kate because she has her distinct pink feature…then Colin wanted one so I need two more. I made one of Robert with the headset cuz he wears it more than everyone else at work, and. So I still need one more to make a complete square. You can see the unfinished product here. If you want to be added to the picture let me know and I will make it happen, lol, I don't want to deny anyone their right to be a part of the Southpark Helpdesk, hehe. But tell me your favorite color and something that would make you unique to the others, hehe, cuz we are all unique in this friendly, friendly world.

Hmm, what else? Warren and I had a pretty good time messing around with msn messenger (nicknames and making things backwards). That wasted a good hour, hehe. It was a good time. Well I guess that is all for now, I may add more later!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
its all out in the open....
Yesterday was an ok day; I went and looked at the apartment that I am going to get. I am really excited to move, I need to get the hell out of the apartment I am in. I told the roommates that I was moving out….it was quite an interesting conversation, this is how it went:

ME: hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I found a place to live today
BRIAN: You did!?!? (With a touch of shock in his voice)
ME: yea I did so I will be moving out in August.
BRIAN: the BEGINNING of August?
ME: ahh, yea. I move in on the first.
BRIAN: well who are you living with?
ME: umm, im living alone.
ME: yea
BRANDI: well were is it at?
ME: on S Dodge, like half a block away from here.


ME: So I am not sure how you want to work out the deposit.
BRANDI: well how does that work, I mean they won’t give us the deposit if some of us are staying will they?
ME: well,no….but because I never gave heritage any money you guys each gave $300 and I just gave you guys the difference, so I need to just work it out with you guys. I figured that I gave you each $75, and since you will not be getting it all back I figured you guys could give me $60 back. That would be $45 that I didn’t get back total, if we all didn’t get $45 back that would be $180 total that we don’t get back from the $900, which I thought seemed about right…..

There was a moment of silence….

BRIAN: so we wont actually see our deposit until next year but will give you yours? Cuz I wont see any of it until then, so I don’t know if I will have the money….
BRANDI: wait so you want $60, so we will each give you $20 right?

A stupefied look came upon my face, and I sat there for a moment….

ME: umm, no….it would be $60 each; I gave you each $75.
BRANDI: oh, well….could I like give you weekly payments?
BRIAN: so we give you sixty, then we keep the deposit next year?


ME: umm, yea I don’t get any of the deposit money at the end of the year. And sure if you can’t give it to me all at once, that is fine, but whatever you can give me would be great cuz I have to come up with a deposit for the new place.
BRIAN: ohh, I see….ok well I will have the money for you then in August.
BRANDI: I will give you whatever I can by then.

(which I think was code for how ever much money my mommy can give me I will give you)

I considered talking about me taking the phone and internet with me as well as pretty much all the furniture in the living room, but I decided that was a conversation for another day, I would give them some time to let this set in. hehe. I found it amusing how surprised they both were, I think they thought that them telling us they would not switch rooms, would force us to just work things out. Well that’s not the way it is working, lol.

So today I went and signed the lease for the new place and paid the deposit and first months rent, the rent isn’t due yet but I figured since I have the money now I might as well pay it.

So mom is still sick today, so I don’t think our trip to Valleyfair is going to happen tomorrow, which sucks ass, but hey what can you do. This just adds to my hatred of Burger King however since she has narrowed it down to that being the only thing she had eaten differently from my dad and Gunnar. So now I’m at work in the partial dark because we are saving energy. Yea it’s great. On a happier note I got to watch speed last night. I was totally in love with that movie in middle school. I seriously knew every word to it, and I could just blurt out at least the first hour of it without the movie even playing, it was ridiculous. Hmm, well I guess that’s all for now.
Sunday, July 11, 2004
drinkin, smokin, tryin to free my mind....
So I got a call from Chris saying that him, Robby, and Colin are coming to pick me up to go to the helpdesk bbq. So I put the alcohol in my backpack, and grab the chips I was bringing, and head for the door when I hear from outside 'DAWNA STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR!' I walk outside to see Robby on the PA system in Colin’s car. I just shook my head and got in the car, the guy walking his dog down the street got a big kick out of it, lol. We passed a rummage on the way to Colin’s and Robby said over the PA, 'HOW MUCH FOR THE BIKE?' The look on the ladies face was classic, hehe. So we head to the bbq and the drinking begins right away. Robby brought out the beer bong and all hell broke loose....Colin’s roommate (who we woke up) got talked into doing his first beer bong ever 10 minutes after getting out of bed....his first couple were a little messy, but an hour later he was walking around like a beer bong champion, hehe. Robby took about 5 and Chris took 2 I think. This was before more people started showing up, lol.

People slowly started showing up and the party got more festive with a big game of Frisbee and lots of grillin. The slip-n-slide got set up and then broke, so a new one was bought. I had no intention of getting on the thing, but I ended up going down a few times. Several of the more bold people were sliding and then doing the beer bong right at the end. I stood clear of this, with my bong free life that I am leading, hehe.

So I was actually surprised that I was able to finish all my purple passion. I haven’t drank in a couple of months. I gave Warren one, and the other 7 were mine, mmmwwaaahhhh!! So as the night grew on the tipsy-ness started to grow stronger, but nothing to serious. The cartwheel competition took place finally. I got second place, congrats to Rebekah!! It was a fun time.

So I tasted several new things at this bbq. First was Jason’s bourbon, yea, it tastes like burning. Seriously if you want to know what burning tastes like, this was it. I also tried some of David’s alcohol, which I think was called Easy Times, but I wouldn't swear to that. It looked like Jack, and it kinda tasted like ass. I mean a personally have not tasted ass, but if I had to guess what ass tasted like I would say this alcohol. Then I again I hate the taste of most alcohol anyways, and everyone else seemed to enjoy it, so it must not have been too bad....either that or we have a lot of ass eaters here at the helpdesk, I’ll leave the answer to you. hehe. Chris’s homebrew, it wasn’t too bad, I think it had a little too much of the “beer” taste for me, but I could pry get used to that. It was a really dark beer; I had never tried a dark beer so that was kinda cool.

Speaking of Chris, lol....Chris was a puker last night, I dunno how it happen, one minute he was sitting there like normal eating the fly burger, I went inside to make a smoothie and chatted a few minutes and the next think I know Chris comes through the living room pukin all over the since this was not my house I did find it a little funny. However had it been my house I might not have found it so funny, lol. So by the time I went back outside the party had died down for the most part and only a few people were left. I hung around a little while longer then Colin’s roommate said he would give me a ride home on his way to work. So I got home about 10-1030 I think and went right to bed. Too much fun for me, hehe. So over all it was a pretty fun day.

Woke up this morning at about 5:30 am, I finally got back to sleep and was able to sleep till bout 9:30. It has been raining all day, and it pry will all day. So ill pry stay in and watch TV and play some video games. Not too bad of a weekend as far as I am concerned. 8-)

I'll close with a quote for Chris....from Wayne’s World....if you’re gonna spew, spew into this.
Friday, July 09, 2004
well ring me like a wet mop….
It started raining literally 5 seconds after I walked outside on my way to work. Of course the umbrella was in use by someone else already today. So I walked to work as fast as I could in the rain....I might as well have jumped in a swimming pool. I was soaked by the time I got to work. It was ridiculous....some people at work suggested the hand dryers in the bathroom. I tried to at least dry my ass off so that I could have a dry seat, but after restarting the dryer three times and seeing no results what-so-ever, I gave up realizing that unless I took my pants off, I would be there for an hour just drying my ass alone. So I rang out my socks in the trash can and have my shoes sitting upside down under my desk, and my sweatshirt and backpack are both hanging up to dry. So now I’m sitting at work freezing my ass off and I am pretty sure that a small puddle is forming under my chair. Hopefully I will be dry by lunch time, but I wouldn’t count on it.

On a happier note, I called Heritage first thing and told them I would take the apartment....I decided on the second floor. I am going to look at in on Monday just to check it out. I was asking them if I would be able to pay three or four months of the parking, and then pay the rest of the parking sometime during those three or four months (since you are supposed to pay for the parking all year up front) and the lady said she would check for me....she came back on the phone and told me that as an incentive to get the last two apartments rented they were offering FREE PARKING FOR THE YEAR!!!! Yay for that!! That’s just that much more money that I don’t have to come up with! I was pretty excited if you couldn’t tell already, lol.

So my mom has been home sick the past two days, I hope she is feeling better soon. I am really looking forward to our trip to Valleyfair next week, then Gunnar visiting the following week! It’s gonna be nice to get away and enjoy the summer. Well that’s all for now, I will post more later today.
Thursday, July 08, 2004
efficiency sweet efficiency....
I went and looked at two apartments yesterday; I may have found my ‘home’ for next year. It’s only a block away from where I live now (its on S. Dodge St.), so the move won’t be bad, and the parking is only $15 a month. Of course this is from Heritage (who I rent through now) so I didn’t expect the parking to be bad here since I only pay $20 a month now. It is just an efficiency apartment, with a bathroom and a small kitchen that is separated from the ‘living space’ by a counter. It has a shelf area in the wall for a pantry type section and some cupboards above the stove and sink. It also has a walk-in closet, which I think I’m supposed to be a lot more excited about being a girl and all, but as we would say around the helpdesk here it doesn’t really ‘rock my socks’ like it should. I am more excited about the apartment itself. It is $460 a month plus electric, which the guy said previous renters said was 15-20 a month most of the time, so that is good. Plus it is still on the free shuttle bus route!

The other apartment I looked at yesterday was an efficiency as well. It was across the street from the post office. It was $495 with gas and electric paid (which isn’t too bad) and $40 a month to park plus a $25 processing fee (which sucks). Plus the parking was in the Pentacrest apartments lots, and so was the laundry, so that sucks a little too. The ‘living space’ was really small and the kitchen was almost non-existent. There was a sink and a stove in the corner with maybe a foot deep tiles area in front of them then the refrigerator was right in front of the stove, leaving you enough room to open the stove and that is all. It was basically an apartment that I would hate living in and would only do so if it was the best deal I could find. But with the parking so high, it definitely rules this apartment out.

So as of now the S. Dodge street apartment is the winner. The only thing left to deal with is the fact that I really cant afford this....I mean as it is now I try to take enough loans out to pay my rent all year and every summer I run out of money cuz I never get the full amount of money that I ask for. So I am hoping that I will get enough money to at least get me through January, and then I will be able to work full time and hopefully make enough money to make it through the rest of the year....

Hmm, well that wasted a small amount of time here at work. I guess now I go back to surfing the internet for a few more hours. I am on orientation this afternoon so that will be a nice change....ill pry add more to this later.

So I worked orientation this afternoon, and realized that I love orientation! I could work that is so much better than answering phones!! Lots of eager parents, wanting to buy their kids computers, asking questions about things that they really don’t have any idea what it is....its grrrreatt! So yea that was the highlight of my day. I went and played basketball with Mike and then we jogged almost a mile, then came home and lifted. Then the Mask was on TV. God I was so obsessed with that show in middle school, it is a great show, hehe. So yea that’s all for today....of course I will quote Jim again....Somebody sssstop me!!
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
up your ziggy with a wah wah brush....
Yes that is what god said to me today. No lying today was crap. Started off calling for apartments first thing in the morning, was only able to see one, and set up appointments to look at two tomorrow. It really pisses me off the way that they screw people for parking!! Man, my first year in an apartment, the parking was free, last year it was $20 a month (you had to pay the whole 240 ahead of time). But man this year it sucks, I have gotten anywhere from $40-$75 a month!! GOOD GOD!! The place I looked at today was 40 bucks a month plus a $25 processing fee for a total of $505 for a year!! It is ridiculous!! I mean christ, give the students a break! Not all of us have our mommies paying our rent for us....and yes that was a crack on the roommates! So yea I have come to the realization that if I don’t get a shit pot of money in loans I will be homeless halfway through the year.

This of course brings me to my second problem of the I call the registration office to find out why I still have not received my award summary for my fafsa. Of course the counselors are not available at the time so they will get back to me. Three hours later I call them back only to be told that my fafsa was flagged for verification of my citizenship! Hello!! I have been a citizen for the past four years, why the hell is it different now?!?! According to them of course, they sent me out a notice saying that they needed my birth certificate to verify this. Yea I have two words to say to that....say it with me now....HORSESHIT!!!! The only thing I have received from the university all summer is my damn u-bill. Well at least I received the important stuff right? So yea on top of the fact that I will be paying double rent next year, I will also get jackshit for financial aid, because the frickin registration center has had my application for almost three months now, which is of course a first come first serve basis. God I hate my life.

And the final shit of the day, some one came in with a wireless card today wanting it connected to the network. This is fine and dandy. So I try to install the PROset software only to be told there is an older version on the PC. So I uninstall it and reinstall the new version. Mind you the entire thing is in Chinese or Japanese and the girl could not tell what it said herself, let alone my unilingual ass trying to figure it out. (Good thing we have little pictures on our website, lol). So I get it all set up she puts in her password blah blah doesn’t work. So I try looking at the settings but between the two of us could not figure out what all the stick figure letter looking things meant. So I decide screw it I will just uninstall and reinstall it all over again (because I have had problems with the damn thing before and usually a reinstall of it works, I figured this was the case). So blah blah blah, same thing happens, test her hawkid and it works fine, so as I am going to look at her account more she comes up with....“Oh, maybe it doesn’t work because my account doesn’t work.” Come to find out she didnt have rights to anything....56 minutes later all I could say is shoot me now. Lesson learned the hard way today? No longer blame the software.

So enough bitching for now, now I’m at work doin the 5-8 walk-in thing. Haven’t had any customers since the wireless one. On a side note we got new fish at the helpdesk today, I still stand by my vote that we should have gotten a piranha (as long as it wasn’t on like the one Mike had at one time, that thing was ugly). I found the first new fish death poll on the board today humorous especially after one of the fish starting lying on the bottom of the tank. I also got some gummy worms today, this made me a little happy....i also found one little lonely bear in with all the worms. It hurts me to think of how terrified the little gummy bear must have been inside the package with all the big gummy worms. I petted his head to make him feel a little better....then I ate him.

So I guess that is it for today, I am still working on my closing line so tonight I thank Jim Carry and close with....and that’s the way the cookie crumbles, I’m Bruce Nolan, eyewitness news....back to you fuckers!!!
Monday, July 05, 2004
whole lotta nothingness....
Well I forgot to post my entry for yesterday, so I just posted that one, now on to today, lol. Didn’t sleep in much today, woke up bout 930 and started calling property management places, left about 20 messages at different places. I had no idea there were so many rental places in Iowa City!! Only about two were open. Decided I wanted eggs and toast for breakfast at about 1130; I am obsessed with jelly toast lately. I have also been obsessed with those flavor-ice popsicles. I seriously eat like 15-20 a day. A box of 100 is luck to last me a week, it is ridiculous, lol. Played a game of phase ten with Mike (I won, we are tied now 2-2), and watched a little Jurassic Park. We went and drove past a few of the places that I got off of the property management answering services, to get an idea of what was out there. Found a couple of places really close to campus which is good, now I just have to hope that they are still available tomorrow. I really hate the fact that almost every one of these places closes at 500. I mean, even staying open until six so that people like me that work 8-5 almost everyday have a chance to do anything. I am hoping that I will be able to look at at least a few places before work tomorrow, but I don’t know how many places are going to show me an apartment right away.

Went to Walmart to get some tide and dishwashing soap (I was a little upset that I could not find my normal unscented tide with bleach, I hade to get some dams mountain breeze fragrance one, but I guess I will deal with it, lol. Then I decided I was in a healthy mood and got some fruit cocktail. Hmm, stopped at the carwash to get quarters for laundry and stopped by the pet store which was open and busy as hell to get some meal worms. I wanted to get some frozen pinkies which are baby mice, but they were $1.50 a pop!! I could get a live mouse for 20 cents more!! So I stuck with the meal worms. I can’t wait to get a place that will allow pets; they have such cute dogs there!! I really liked the black cocker spaniel they had, had a few brown spots on his head, and just loved attention! I can’t wait to get a dog! Anyways, enough about that....made Sloppy Joe’s for dinner haven’t had them for a while, and watched a pretty good movie on Lifetime about a woman who hired some people to kill her husband before he killed her. Of course she got caught and got 40 years for conspiracy, while the guy that actually killed her husband got 5 years....yea makes sense to me too.

So the roommates finally came home today, they were here for all of 30 seconds then left again. I have been waiting all weekend to give them a piece of my mind and of course they leave. It is ridiculous how much they have been avoiding us since they finally gave us the final answer of them not switching rooms. So I was a little bummed, I wanted to let them have it, lol. I watched a little Road Rules tonight (the one where the have to eat all the cow parts and puke up a ton of nasty shit is great, lol), and then most of Ransom and some Who’s Line. I also lifted weights again. I guess Mike and I are gonna watch Dogma a little later, I really think it is going to be stupid, but I guess I’ll find out....I am also still thinking about my trade mark closing line for my posts, but still haven’t decded on one, so for now I will use Maury’s....until next time America!
0 comments Happy firework day!!
So today was the 4th of July. Not too exciting for me. I slept till noon though, which really made up for getting up at 430 yesterday. Mike and I played some basketball at the park by our apartment. It was pretty warm out. We decided to walk/jog to the pet store to get some meal worms for the geckos. So we walked a few blocks then ran a few blocks the whole way to the pet store which is over by the Sycamore Mall (we live on South Johnson). We got there tired and hot only to realize that DUH, the pet store is closed on the 4th!! Yea, nice going to us!! So we walked around the mall, where nothing but the theatre was open, to cool off, then walked back home.

Not much going on after that watched a little TV and lifted weights (gotta work on those muscles, lol). Listened to some fireworks going on in the street, and then pretty much went to bed. Fell asleep watching Court TV like usual.
Saturday, July 03, 2004
History in the making....
So I woke up at 430 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. For a split second I wondered why I was awake and then I realized it was because it was frickin 500 degrees in my room, I think the walls were sweating it was so hot. After laying in front of every fan in the apartment and tossing and turning for an hour I realized I was awake and was not getting back to sleep now. I turned on the TV only to see David Hasselhoff running down the beach half naked with two blonds. I pinched myself hoping it was a nightmare, unfortunately it was it was the slim in 6 infomercial....I shut the TV off.

I have been thinking about setting up a blog for a while now, and with nothing else to do in the wee hours of the morning, I said why not go for it? What’s the worst that can happen? Embarrassment, humiliation, and ridicule....oh well. So I guess I should first fill you in on what is going on now so that you have some idea as to what I am talking about when I bitch about things....well the main thing going on right now is my break up with Mike. After 3 years we are taking a break, which means that we are going to need different rooms. After asking my roommates (who are dating and have separate rooms) if they would share a room, we got an answer of NO. Reasoning? Oh, their parents wouldn't approve of them sleeping together....yea, I've got two words to say about that....HORSESHIT!! So now I am looking for the cheapest 1 bedroom apartment possible. The downfall of this? I pay $243 a month bedroom’s = $400. So yea, good luck to me.

Hmm, well that’s pretty much all that is going on in my life right now, other than working 40 hours a week. The fourth of July is tomorrow, this will be the first year that I don’t do fireworks, which really sucks but what can ya family and I are taking a family trip to Valleyfair and my little brother is coming down to visit in a couple of weeks so I am really looking forward to that. I have also been adding a lot of stuff to my website lately, after several complaints I finally added an about me section. Well I guess that’s all I have to say right now, so....


Ok, so there I was hungrily putting a pizza in the oven and two minutes later the power goes out. Of course having an electric stove, this did not make me happy, after about a minute the power came on long enough for me to celebrate the fact that my pizza was going to cook, then went out again....this time for 2 hours!! I felt like I entered the matrix and was unplugged from life as we know it. I had nothing to do but stare at the wall, which let me tell ya, gets old really fast. I tried to take a nap since I had been up since 430, but with out a fan it was just too hot. I thought about going for a jog since I am trying to jog several times a week, but decided I was too lazy at the time. Since all of my friends were either working or out of town for the weekend I did the only thing else that I knew how to do....I called mom. Finally after wearing down her and dads cell phone batteries (they don’t have a phone line in the house), god decided he had punished my block enough and the power came back on. Finally I could eat my pizza!! YAY!!! I also got to watch My Girl, which is a plus, it was one of my favorite movies when I was little, and I hadn’t seen it in forever....hmm I guess that’s all for now....