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Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Deep Thoughts....
Friday, January 14, 2005
I'm 23 which is near 25 which is almost mid 20's….
Well hello faithful readers (all 3 of you). Today is an alright day, it’s my last day at the helpdesk and I was told I have to go out tonight and drink cuz of it, so I will be doing that later with a few people from what I hear. I got to watch my shows last night, so that’s always a plus. ER was pretty good with the whole Abby getting kidnapped thing. Luckily she was returned safe and sound, just a little shaken. Yes I know you can all sleep at night now knowing that. Joey was kind of a half ass episode but that’s alright. On a lesser note, Vincent broke up with Will, and I vowed to never watch the show again if they don’t bring him back!! Will doesn’t get many good boyfriends, so it’s about time we held onto one.

I’m definitely ready to get this snow thing done and over with. It makes everything a pain in the ass…walking any where sucks cuz the sidewalks are either icy or un-shoveled (is that a word?? I don’t think so…oh well), and driving sucks cuz everywhere I have to park is as well un-shoveled which risks getting stuck anytime I go anywhere. My parking spot was all cleared out, it was shoveled so that I didn’t have to worry about getting stuck…for 2 days anyways. Then some jackass with a big truck thought that the snow pile between the parking lots was there to drive through, so half of it ended up behind my spot again…then we had freezing rain, which froze the snow making it un-shovelable (pretty sure that’s not a work either, but you get the idea). So yea getting my car out has been a pain in the ass for a while, but *sigh* I suppose I can live with it, as long as I get to complain about it sometimes (or all the time). Speaking of my car, I think something is wrong with the power steering.

So I told Robby I would come over last night to watch my shows, so I go to leave, and my driver door was frozen shut. So after climbing in the passenger side, I was on my way. He said he would come help me open it when I got there, so I get there and I'm trying to push on it while I wait for him to come out, and its not even budging…so when he gets closer to the car, I go to open the back door to tell him something, and to no avail, it would not open either….that’s when I realized the doors were still locked….yea…that was my jackass moment for the week. So once the doors were unlocked, we managed to get the door open in about 5 seconds; it was still frozen, but it didn’t take much effort with two people working on it.

So I'm almost done with my crime scene book that I have been reading its quite interesting. It talks about the crime scenes that the author has worked, as well as explaining how to take evidence the correct way, and how to interpret it all. The chapter on fire arms was quite interesting discussing all that you can gain from examining the wound and area around the crime. It also went into great detail all the parts of different guns and ammo, and what made what work, and what caused what reactions, overall pretty fun stuff. Well I suppose I should find something constructive to do now…

You love my stinky ass!
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Let me kick it freestyle for you…ay o traffic, traffic, looking for my chap stick, feeling kinda carsick, there’s a ford maverick….
Saw a few movies over break, they were pretty good. Malibu’s Most Wanted was the funniest of them. It’s got Jamie Kennedy (as B-Rad) in it, acting as a white guy who wants to be the dopest rapper there ever was, and he thinks his rhymes are the illest…his dad it running for governor, but B-Rad is only hurting his campaign. So one of his dad’s assistants decided to hire someone to take him to the ghetto and scare him white. So he hires the 2 whitest black actors (Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson) to act like thugs to kidnap him. It’s got some pretty funny parts, so you should see it.

National Treasure I saw a week or so before break, but it was good. It’s about a map on the back on the Declaration of Independence that may or may not lead to a treasure. It’s the common 4 people looking for a treasure, till one of them gets greedy and decided ha wants it all to himself, so the other three are trying to get to it (if it exists) first. So yea, I really liked it, I was a little hesitant that it may be one of those BraveHeart/Patriot type movies that only Dad likes, but it wasn’t. It’s worth seeing.

Also saw Darkness, about these people who live in a house where the darkness is “alive” in a sense. Apparently some ritual had been started some years before, but never finished, and now the darkness is trying to finish it. It wasn’t too bad of a show, the ending was a little weird, and I was a little confused, but it was alright still.

Elf was an alright show. There were some funny parts and some dumb parts, just about a baby that crawls in to Santa’s bag and ends up at the North Pole, finally learns he is a human and wants to meet his real dad. Hmm, seems like I saw something else but I can’t think of what it was, so it must not have been that good.

The Bachelorette season premier was on last night, I don’t much care for the girl they chose, but it looks like it should be a pretty good season. I watched the first two seasons all the time, but I haven’t really watched one since then, but I might have to start again.

Lots of password resets today, that and Webmail over quotas…pretty uneventful day so far, almost fell pretty bad this morning….thank god for them putting the yellow poles where they did at my apartment…I came down the stairs, which were pretty slick and was walking in front of the bottom floor apartments where it was not slick because they have the walkway to the upstairs apartments over it….so I take the first step off and completely almost had one of those feet fly up over your head falls, luckily though, I was able to grab the yellow pole and catch myself….

Well that was pretty uninteresting, as I figured when I started writing, but oh well. I guess that’s all for now.

I got sumtin' to say, and I need the world to hear it. I'm a lyricologist. I can rap about anything… Shrink, shrink... Blinkity-blink... Tried to make me think... Wanna go to my sink. And vomit... Clean it up wit' Comet. Earth is my plonet...See? I'm the shiznit.
Monday, January 10, 2005
This ain't no picnic Bitch!!
Ok, so I figured that since finals/graduation and the holidays are over now, and have been for a while, it was time for the posting to begin again…hopefully on a more regular basis again…so yea…

The holidays were good, gave some gifts and got some gifts. Went home for a good chunk of time, Sioux City is the same-o same-o….boring and smelly…but you get used to that I guess…spent a lot of time playing games and stuff with Gunnar. He got the Lord of the Rings Risk bored game…..OMG….I will never play that game again! Mom, Gunnar and I played one game from 5:00 till about 10:15….which is about four and a half hours too long. Played and beat a great deal of Halo2, which means we were up playing till about 5:00 A.M. on more than one occasion….So yea, Gunnar can play Halo2 till 5 in the morning, but he couldn’t make it to midnight on New Years from what I hear…go figure. We got a family dog, she’s cute, a dark brown cocker spaniel puppy, we named her Trinity. So I also spent a lot of time puppy sitting, which equivalent to caring for a walking, potty-training, chews on everything 1 year old. But it’s all good. New Years was a good time, went to a couple of parties, and had a few drinks and a few laughs.

I return to Iowa City to find a pile of rubbish at the end of my building, turns out they are replacing the stair case to the second floor apartments, which is great!! I hate the ones there (even if they are sturdy enough to last a lot longer, as I was told….). Another plus…they are at the opposite end of the building as the ones now, which means they will lead right from my parking spot to my apartment, no more walking to the other end of the building to get to the stairs, then back to the other end to my apartment…if that makes since to anyone 8-).

Mom called the other day to inform me that Dad got into an accident with the new car…first off, Dad is OK, and the other driver was OK, having said that…I think its somewhat funny…before you go thinking I'm being mean, let me explain…Dad is anal about the new car…he doesn’t want anyone to drive it (I have driven it once, and Mom has to pull teeth to drive it), when he goes to a store or something, he parks in the spot that is farthest from the door to avoid anyone parking next to him posing the risk of a ‘door ding,’ he doesn’t like to leave it out of the garage because it might get rained on…I think you get the point; so the fact that HE was driving when the accident happen is somewhat humorous to me. I guess he went to the doctor, came home to let the dog out and on the way back to work got in the accident. But as I said everyone is ok, the car is fixable, and Dad’s ‘accident with new cars’ track record has improved from 24 hours to about 8 months so props for that!! 8-)

So going back to work was not something I was looking forward to…as I can pretty much guarantee others weren’t as well…but what can you do...I guess thats all for now.

It's not easy being a cast-iron BITCH. It takes discipline, years of training... A lot of people don't appreciate that. ;-)