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Name: bluex232
Location: Wisconsin, United States

Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Deep Thoughts....
Sunday, June 22, 2008
Hello from IOWA!
Well it is official, we are Iowans again…while we both miss Milwaukee and everyone there, it is nice to be close to family again. It is really great for Ryne, there are so many people that care for him here. And he loves all the attention. He is really starting to develop. He just talks and talks all the time, smiles at everything, he found his feet so he is always rolling around holding his feet. He is going to be sitting up on his own soon, he does really well when he is propped up. He is starting to really push up with his arms during tummy time (which he is much more tolerant of now), and we got to take him in the pool this weekend. He did really well, didn’t hardly fuss at all (just at first a little since the water is still chilly). We have a little inflatable crab that he sits in and just floats around, it is really cute. He has even let us hear his laugh a couple more times, which is still the cutest thing ever. We took him on the boat a few weeks ago and he did really good with that too, slept through most of it, but did well with the heat and sun. We have taken him to several of Uncle Gunnar’s baseball games and he does really well being outside. He was having trouble sleeping at night, but now that we are more settled in he really seems to be doing better with that.

Mike seems to like his job with Lowe’s, and thinks it is great getting off at 3 o’clock everyday (even if he does have to get up at 5). He has time for “projects” now which just makes his day…I have a job with the Police Department. They are not hiring for officer so I am in the Communication Center (which is a fancy way of saying Dispatch, lol). It is part time, which is good cuz then I can spend more time with Ryne. Hopefully later this year it will turn into a full time position so that we can save even more money. It is somewhat similar to working for Brown Deer (same types of calls, same types of people calling) and very different at the same time. There are five dispatchers working at a time. We dispatch for both police and fire, and do the city and county. So we have one dispatcher doing just fire/rescue, another just dispatching officers, two people doing the county and smaller cities in the area, and another one doing some backup stuff and helping with breaks and what not. I am training on the county station right now, which is also the main call taker station, so we answer most of the phone calls. The software is quite different, and the most difficult part is remembering what units cover which areas, and who to send. It is nice to not have to argue with people about whether or not they are in our jurisdiction, we rarely get calls from areas that are not ours. It is both nice and annoying to not have to wear a uniform anymore. On the one hand, I have to decide what to wear each day, and there is more laundry to do. On the other hand, the public doesn’t ever see us, so we can wear jeans which are much more comfortable.

Well, I guess that is about it for now, everything else is just routine everyday stuff. Thanx for reading!!