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Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Long Time no Post!!
Well, it has been quite a while since my last post…with Ryne getting older he doesn’t like to let me sit down and blog for an hour anymore, lol. Anyways…Ryne has changed sooo much!! He is now able to easily roll in both directions and has been for a while. So he is now able to just sleep in his bed rather than having to sleep in the thing that keeps him on his back…he is funny, he likes to cuddle clear into the corner of his bed to sleep. He sleeps until about 9 most days now, and will every once in a while cry in the middle of the night…but now that he can get the pacifier back himself, we usually don’t hear from him. He is too cute in the morning, he will wake up and play with his toys for a little bit, the he crawls to the end of his crib and pulls down on the bed bumpers so that he can see our bed, then yells until he sees us sit up…it is so cute, he never cries, just yells (its like he is saying Mom! Dad! I’m up now, time for you to get up!!). Then when he sees us sit up he just starts laughing.

He is sitting up now, and will be able to sit himself up here pretty soon!! He is also scooting, which is awesome…he hasn’t quite gotten to the point of crawling yet, but he does get up on his hands and knees. He really likes the fact that he can see something out of reach and go get it now. Lets see…what else can he do…he can put his pacifier in his mouth on his own now, so he always has that nearby, he is talking a ton now and has realized that he has a voice, so he likes to scream just for the fun of it.

We have started him on food, he eats cereal with some fruit mixed in in the morning, and then eats a vegetable or fruit for lunch and dinner. He has done really good with food, and screams like he is starving when he has eaten it all, lol. It is just like he used to do when he was younger when his bottle was gone…I’m sure that he will get used to how much he gets pretty soon and not scream like that, lol.

We have had a lot of fun this summer, we went camping at Spirit Lake for a week and had a blast. Ryne did really well for being out in the hot for so long. He went fishing with Grandma Donna and Papa Donnie, he saw (and wanted to squeeze) a big frog, and he went swimming in the lake. He really like putting his feet in the sand and on the rocks, and playing by the water. He had fun with all of it! He did really good sleeping in the tent as well.

We took him to the water park in Storm Lake as well. He just loved it, he played in the water and floated in the lazy river in his little crab, just was just looking at all the big inner tubes like hey…they make big ones of these too!! The had fountains you could walk under that he did really well with and had water shooting out of the ground that he kept trying to grab. We also took him down the little kids slide, he really liked that and didn’t mind getting splashed in the face as the bottom, lol.

We also recently got bikes, so we have a little cart for the back to put Ryne in so he can go on bike rides too! We have only taken him out once so far, but he seemed to like it, he just loves being outside. He never cries when we are outside, he will be crabby during the day and I put him in the stroller and he knows he gets to go outside and will calm down. We have taken the dog with us walking too and he really likes that, he just watches her the whole time.

We also got his hair cut for the first time...we didn't cut a lot, just all the really long pieces he had on now he doesn't have the Donald Trump comb over anymore, lol. Well, that’s about it for Ryne updates… Mike and I are good, saving money for a house and both enjoying our jobs most of the time…I am almost done training, I have 2 stations left, it will be nice to be done training. Not too much is really going on…I will update again, hopefully it will not be as long as it was last time before I get around to it!! Thanx for Reading!!

Oh, he is growing up SO fast. Don't you want to come to South CArolina and visit your uncle and aunt? It's beautiful here!!
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