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Name: bluex232
Location: Wisconsin, United States

Mike and I became parents on March 7th 2008 to a beautiful baby boy Ryne Scott. The main purpose of this blog is to keep our families updated since we are so far away from them. Check back for updates often!!



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Deep Thoughts....
Friday, January 02, 2009
We're Engaged!
Mike Proposed (finally, lol) on Christmas! It was really nice, he gave me a Christmas Card from Ryne and in it was a Clue that said "Daddy says you Hate this Game". That led me to the Basement to the Command and Conquer Video Game. There was a clue that said "I saw Daddy hide something in the place that I sleep when Mommy isn't home". Which of course led me upstairs to our Bed (he sleeps in his crib like he is supposed to when I am home, lol). There I found a box with Earrings in it and a clue that said "This is where I go when I am in Mommy's Car". Which led me to his car seat base in my car. There the clue said "I saw daddy hide something behind where the fishy lives". Downstairs behind the fish tank I found a box with a necklace and a clue that said "I saw daddy hide something on the back of the Christmas Tree". On the back of the Christmas tree was a wrapped envelope. Inside it was a picture of Ryne that said "will you Marry my Daddy?" So Mike got down on one knee and pulled out the Ring!! I was really surprised! Of course I said YES!! We are excited!! (And now when I talk about him I can say Fiance instead of Baby Daddy!!) Here are pics of everything!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Long Time no Post!!
Well, it has been quite a while since my last post…with Ryne getting older he doesn’t like to let me sit down and blog for an hour anymore, lol. Anyways…Ryne has changed sooo much!! He is now able to easily roll in both directions and has been for a while. So he is now able to just sleep in his bed rather than having to sleep in the thing that keeps him on his back…he is funny, he likes to cuddle clear into the corner of his bed to sleep. He sleeps until about 9 most days now, and will every once in a while cry in the middle of the night…but now that he can get the pacifier back himself, we usually don’t hear from him. He is too cute in the morning, he will wake up and play with his toys for a little bit, the he crawls to the end of his crib and pulls down on the bed bumpers so that he can see our bed, then yells until he sees us sit up…it is so cute, he never cries, just yells (its like he is saying Mom! Dad! I’m up now, time for you to get up!!). Then when he sees us sit up he just starts laughing.

He is sitting up now, and will be able to sit himself up here pretty soon!! He is also scooting, which is awesome…he hasn’t quite gotten to the point of crawling yet, but he does get up on his hands and knees. He really likes the fact that he can see something out of reach and go get it now. Lets see…what else can he do…he can put his pacifier in his mouth on his own now, so he always has that nearby, he is talking a ton now and has realized that he has a voice, so he likes to scream just for the fun of it.

We have started him on food, he eats cereal with some fruit mixed in in the morning, and then eats a vegetable or fruit for lunch and dinner. He has done really good with food, and screams like he is starving when he has eaten it all, lol. It is just like he used to do when he was younger when his bottle was gone…I’m sure that he will get used to how much he gets pretty soon and not scream like that, lol.

We have had a lot of fun this summer, we went camping at Spirit Lake for a week and had a blast. Ryne did really well for being out in the hot for so long. He went fishing with Grandma Donna and Papa Donnie, he saw (and wanted to squeeze) a big frog, and he went swimming in the lake. He really like putting his feet in the sand and on the rocks, and playing by the water. He had fun with all of it! He did really good sleeping in the tent as well.

We took him to the water park in Storm Lake as well. He just loved it, he played in the water and floated in the lazy river in his little crab, just was just looking at all the big inner tubes like hey…they make big ones of these too!! The had fountains you could walk under that he did really well with and had water shooting out of the ground that he kept trying to grab. We also took him down the little kids slide, he really liked that and didn’t mind getting splashed in the face as the bottom, lol.

We also recently got bikes, so we have a little cart for the back to put Ryne in so he can go on bike rides too! We have only taken him out once so far, but he seemed to like it, he just loves being outside. He never cries when we are outside, he will be crabby during the day and I put him in the stroller and he knows he gets to go outside and will calm down. We have taken the dog with us walking too and he really likes that, he just watches her the whole time.

We also got his hair cut for the first time...we didn't cut a lot, just all the really long pieces he had on now he doesn't have the Donald Trump comb over anymore, lol. Well, that’s about it for Ryne updates… Mike and I are good, saving money for a house and both enjoying our jobs most of the time…I am almost done training, I have 2 stations left, it will be nice to be done training. Not too much is really going on…I will update again, hopefully it will not be as long as it was last time before I get around to it!! Thanx for Reading!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008
Hello from IOWA!
Well it is official, we are Iowans again…while we both miss Milwaukee and everyone there, it is nice to be close to family again. It is really great for Ryne, there are so many people that care for him here. And he loves all the attention. He is really starting to develop. He just talks and talks all the time, smiles at everything, he found his feet so he is always rolling around holding his feet. He is going to be sitting up on his own soon, he does really well when he is propped up. He is starting to really push up with his arms during tummy time (which he is much more tolerant of now), and we got to take him in the pool this weekend. He did really well, didn’t hardly fuss at all (just at first a little since the water is still chilly). We have a little inflatable crab that he sits in and just floats around, it is really cute. He has even let us hear his laugh a couple more times, which is still the cutest thing ever. We took him on the boat a few weeks ago and he did really good with that too, slept through most of it, but did well with the heat and sun. We have taken him to several of Uncle Gunnar’s baseball games and he does really well being outside. He was having trouble sleeping at night, but now that we are more settled in he really seems to be doing better with that.

Mike seems to like his job with Lowe’s, and thinks it is great getting off at 3 o’clock everyday (even if he does have to get up at 5). He has time for “projects” now which just makes his day…I have a job with the Police Department. They are not hiring for officer so I am in the Communication Center (which is a fancy way of saying Dispatch, lol). It is part time, which is good cuz then I can spend more time with Ryne. Hopefully later this year it will turn into a full time position so that we can save even more money. It is somewhat similar to working for Brown Deer (same types of calls, same types of people calling) and very different at the same time. There are five dispatchers working at a time. We dispatch for both police and fire, and do the city and county. So we have one dispatcher doing just fire/rescue, another just dispatching officers, two people doing the county and smaller cities in the area, and another one doing some backup stuff and helping with breaks and what not. I am training on the county station right now, which is also the main call taker station, so we answer most of the phone calls. The software is quite different, and the most difficult part is remembering what units cover which areas, and who to send. It is nice to not have to argue with people about whether or not they are in our jurisdiction, we rarely get calls from areas that are not ours. It is both nice and annoying to not have to wear a uniform anymore. On the one hand, I have to decide what to wear each day, and there is more laundry to do. On the other hand, the public doesn’t ever see us, so we can wear jeans which are much more comfortable.

Well, I guess that is about it for now, everything else is just routine everyday stuff. Thanx for reading!!
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Little of this..and that....and the other!!
Well as some of you probably know, Mike, Ryne, and I will be moving back to Sioux City, IA. With the birth of Ryne and some other family things that have come up, we have decided that it is best to head back to good ol’ Sewer City…while it was such a tough decision to make, it is something we have been discussing, and when Mike got the option to transfer with Lowe’s the decision was made. He got a call letting him know that there was a position open in Sioux City, however if he wanted it he had to start two weeks later. So Mike left for Sioux City on the 18th and started work there on the 19th, leaving Ryne and I in Milwaukee for the rest of the month. It has been tough being away from him, but it will be worth it in the long run. My last day at work is the 29th, and then we will be heading back.

Ryne had his two month check up, he is now 11 pounds 2 ounces and 23.5 inches long!! He is getting so big! He also had 4 shots at this visit (two at a time). He did really well with them, cried during them and for about 30 seconds afterwards, he's our little tough guy! Doc said everything looks good, he also started taking vitamins (since he doesn't get enough being breastfed) and he does really well with them, just like always...he will eat anything (just like daddy)! We go back when he is four months for his next check up.

Ryne and I went back for Nick’s (Mike’s brother) wedding on Thursday. The drive went well, took about 9 hours but Ryne was not fussy or anything. I stayed at my rents house on Thursday and we drove to Omaha on Friday for the rehearsal dinner. That went well, and Ryne got to meet his Aunt Molly for the first time! The wedding was Friday, we had to be to the church at 1:00 and the wedding was at 4:00. Ryne slept through all but 5 minutes of the wedding, so that was good. Then we went to the reception, he slept through a lot of that too, and when he wasn’t sleeping he was a perfect angel! Had no problems being passed around and didn’t cry much at all (mostly just when I tried to burp him…like he always does…god forbid we make him stop eating for 30 seconds…he gets that from Mike, lol). We left the reception at about 10:00 PM.

Ryne woke up at about 4:00 on Sunday and he was just burning up, I went to the store at 5:00 and got a thermometer and some Tylenol. His temp was 101 and you could tell he was just not feeling well. He slept through lunch and the gift opening but he was just whimpering the whole time…we were supposed to drive back to Milwaukee on Sunday but with him being sick we just went back to Sioux City. On the way he threw up a ton and we had to pull over to clean it up, then he had a huge poop. He slept on and off for the rest of the day and finally crashed for the night around 1:00 AM.

For some reason he was happy for about 15 minutes on Sunday afternoon. He was sitting on the floor playing with Gunnar and Gunnar stuck his tongue out and made a fart noise…and what does Ryne do??? He started LAUGHING!! Really laughing!! It was the cutest thing ever! We could not believe it, we grabbed the camera and got a little bit of it on video…it was the coolest thing EVER!

Ryne slept until after 8:00 on Monday and we left for Milwaukee around 11:00. He did pretty well most of the way, the last couple of hours he was fussy, but we made it and now we only have one more long drive to make. Mike and my rents will be coming up on Thursday to start the moving process. It is going to be tough starting all over, but I am excited to be closer to family…we will be staying with my rents for a while to save up some money and look for a house. We can’t wait to have a house, it will be so nice! Well thats about it for now, thanks for reading!!

Friday, May 02, 2008
B-Day wish and a Quick Update
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUNNAR!! I had to start this post with a B-day wish for my brother, who is 13!! A teenager!! I cannot believe it, it seems like only yesterday he was Ryne’s size!! Before I know it he will be dating, driving, and off to college!! I can’t believe it has been so long since he was wrapped like a mermaid in the Omaha Children’s Hospital! He is one of the strongest people I know (and maybe possibly the strangest as well, haha JUST KIDDING…for the most part). He has had so many things that he has had to fight through, and looking at him you would have no clue!! Through all his struggles though we have had some amazing fun and I can’t wait for Ryne to get to know his Uncle Gunnar! So before I update you about Ryne, here are some of my favorite pics with Gunnar over the years…hope you enjoy them!!

Pumpkin Fight/X-mas 2007

Gunnar 2nd B-day/Xmas 2006

Ready for a Swim/Halloween

Tough Guy/5th B-day

Doin the Macarena/Showin off his Pick Line

Goofy/1st Day of School

Sexy/BuzzLight Year!!

Family Pic/1st Lost Tooth (my favorite picture taken of him ever!!)


Well Ryne is almost 2 months old now and he is growing SOO fast!! He is almost laughing and we cannot wait to hear his little laugh. He has been “cooing” up a storm in these last couple of weeks. He has grown out of most of his Preemie clothes and now wears mostly Newborn clothes, and can fit into 0-3 month tops (the 0-3 pants are still too big). We go to the doctor in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see how much weight he has gained! He is starting to get some meat on his little legs so I can’t call him chicken legs anymore, lol. We found a daycare and he will start going on the 19th, I am definitely not looking forward to that day, but the day care is nice and I think they will take good care of him. We started giving him formula once a day to get him used to it since he will pry have to have at least one formula bottle a day at day care. He seems to be handling it just fine. We have been really lucky with him eating, he has had not trouble eating from a bottle or nursing, and will take formula or breast milk!

We have realized that Ryne loves his sling, we took him for a walk in it once and was wide awake just looking at everything, now we put him in it just around the house as well and he just looks all around. We took him to his first sporting event. Some girls I work with play on a football team, so we took him to their game last week. He slept through it all, lol, which was okay I guess, it was pretty chilly and if he was awake he pry would not have liked being so bundled. He did get to wear his sporting gear though, and I must say, the kid looks good in BLACK and GOLD!! (Even Mike “the Cyclone” thought it was cute!)

He is getting to the point were he is up most of the day now which is nice. It makes it harder for me to get stuff done around the house, but I would much rather sit and play with him then do housework anyways!! He is such a happy baby, I just can’t get enough of his smile. He has started paying a lot more attention to his toys and we are working on getting him to grab for them. He has no trouble grabbing them if you put them in his hands, that is his new thing. He is always trying to pinch and grab things. Especially when he is up on your shoulder, both his little hands are just going a mile a minute trying to grab your shirt, or neck, or hair, and if he can’t get a hold of those things he will grab his hair or his ears, lol. He often looks like he is trying to do the pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time thing, its too cute!!

Well I guess that’s all for now, Ryne is getting hungry, thanx for reading and stop back for more updates!!